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Thanksgiving Menu Items You Will Love at Fresh Taste

Good morning, friends, we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep have something to tell you. In case you haven’t noticed, the temperatures have barely reached the 90s over the last couple of weeks, our automatic headlights are turning on before we reach home again, and we are spending more time outside than in. These three facts

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Our October Partner: Beyond Fear to Freedom

As the holiday season grows closer, we all experience a little frisson of fear at the amount of money we are about to spend, and our waists experience more than a little discomfort at the thought of all the calories we will consume; it IS the season of excess, and we don’t like to deny

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What’s New on This Week’s Meal Prep Menu?

When your days all start looking the same—you get up, you go to work, you come home, and you start fixing dinner—you may start to feel a little resentful when the kids or spouse comes in and asks, “What’s for dinner?” It is their house too, and although their cooking may not match up to


Chef Tommy Joins Arizona Foothills Magazine for Chef Chat

The longer we continue with our Fresh Taste Meal Prep food trucks, the more sure we are that THIS is what we were meant to do, and when you consider the list of accolades that have come our way over the past year or so, we believe you, our treasured guests, must agree with us