Chef Tommy Joins Arizona Foothills Magazine for Chef Chat

The longer we continue with our Fresh Taste Meal Prep food trucks, the more sure we are that THIS is what we were meant to do, and when you consider the list of accolades that have come our way over the past year or so, we believe you, our treasured guests, must agree with us as well! Exciting things are happening for the company and for Chef Tommy, who was recently asked to join the Arizona Foothills Magazine for Chef Chat! This monthly column has been a favorite of readers for more than a few years, giving the public the opportunity to learn more about the chefs of their favorite restaurants, and we consider being asked a real honor. We think Chef Tommy handled the spotlight beautifully!

Arizona Foothills Magazine is the Go To in the Valley

For 22 years, Arizona Foothills Magazine has had its finger on the pulse of trendy and upscale happenings in the East Valley. If you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurant in town, need a new hair stylist, or are simply seeking a new boutique to buy your bling from, the pages of Arizona Foothills are the best place to start your search. And when they called Chef Tommy and asked for him to be interviewed for their Chef Chat column, you can be sure that he was very excited—and maybe a little bit nervous—to do so! We think he did well, though, and upon reading the piece, we all learned a thing or two about the man we thought we knew everything about! Covering everything from his passion for cooking to his thrilling debut on Chopped, plus a few hints on what the future holds for our food truck community, even though we may be a bit biased, we still think it’s a great read!

The Passion is Evident

As we go about our business of providing delicious meals for the Arizona public, it’s not just Chef Tommy that feels passionate about our mission; from the mechanics who service our trucks to the cooks who spend their days creating masterpieces of taste, we ALL have a passion for feeding people. Watching them do the happy dance at the first taste of a Modern Mayan taco or seeing the big smiles that spread across their faces when they realize the churro they are about to devour is cream-filled makes us realize anew that we really are following our passion. Contact us today to learn more about our tasty and healthy Mexican food!


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