Corporate Christmas Party Catering from Fresh Taste

It’s official, we are firmly in the midst of the holiday season, with Christmas being next up to bat, and as you take a look around your offices, watching your employees work diligently and with the unending cheer that has been their mood even during the most troubled of times, you can’t help but feel cheerful as well! So, of course, it is only natural that you have decided to do something to show your appreciation for their efforts, starting with a Christmas party, as everyone knows that a good meal does more than fill an empty stomach. When done right, it can feed the soul, and our Fresh Taste Meal Prep Christmas party Arizona catering services can help you do just that! Offering a special meal guaranteed to make the holiday shine brighter and to make your employees feel extra appreciated, the meal comes in two-person and four-person servings; all you need to do is the math required to ensure that all your employees are well fed! As always, the order has to be made by 3 PM on Thursday (December 16th) and will be available for pickup or delivery on December 23rd, promising that your office celebration will be a stupendous one!

Spreading Joy With Our Arizona Catering

Feeding hungry people isn’t just our job, it is our passion, and we hope that you can taste the passion in every bite of our holiday dinner. Because there isn’t that much space between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we decided to give folks a break from the turkey and offer a sophisticated prime rib dish cooked exactly how you love it the most! Encrusted in rosemary and served with a savory au jus and horseradish cream sauce, the meat comes in a two-pound size for gatherings up to four or a one-pound size for an intimate dinner for two. Also included in this festive meal is a two-pound (or one-pound) smoked honey glazed ham, guaranteed to please the pickiest of diners, and whether your employees decide to stick to one or the other or decide to live the wild life on this Christmas holiday and try both, we can promise that the joy on their faces will make every tense moment in the last two years worthwhile!

Also serving a creamy three-cheese mac & cheese that will instantly transport you back to your grandma’s kitchen, roasted farm vegetables, (to make your mom proud!) and creamy mashed potatoes, the only thing missing is the rolls. Oh wait, each meal DOES come with freshly baked rolls that are flaky and soft, cranberry relish, and the piece de la resistance, a double crust apple pie that, again, will transport you back to grandma’s house! Tasting as if it was still cooling on the window sill of a country farmhouse, if we did our jobs right—and we hope we did—every bite will be better than the last.

Need a little more happiness to go around? We also offer a side dish menu on which you can order extras of what is included in the meals ($10 for each side that serves two people) or add to the cornucopia of flavors and try something new. Green bean casserole with beans that snap in your mouth, sweet potato casserole for a little Southern delight, and herbed stuffing are tastes of the season that will have you and your employees coming back for seconds!

No Better Time

As if the meal wasn’t enough good news, this year we are partnering with the Harvest Compassion Center to ensure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal at Christmas. One out of four children and one out of five adults in Arizona are hungry, and by donating just $20, together we can help one Arizonan enjoy a hearty meal for the holidays. Even during the best of times, no child should go unfed, and although they may not be able to feed every hungry mouth, this worthy organization does its best, and we are excited to be a part of their effort! $20 feeds one person, so feel free to donate as many meals as you like and go to sleep on Christmas Eve knowing you helped as many people as you could. It’s a good feeling!

Thank You!

As the year draws to its natural conclusion, we can all pat ourselves on the back for surviving another turbulent 12 months! We at Fresh Taste Meal Prep want to thank you for standing by us, ordering the meals that helped make your weeks go by that much easier, and we hope that this year, you get everything you asked Santa for! Order your holiday dinner today, simply fill out the form on our page, and we will see you soon.


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