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Corporate Clients

Fresh Taste Meal Prep Specializes in Corporate Meal Plans by working with Companies on providing Healthy/Fresh Foods to get their employees fed fast and back to work while supporting those in need in our community! For every 10 meals that are purchased we will donate 1 meal to someone in need. Learn more about our donation partners via our Community Love page.

We can offer Hot or Cold Meals Served on a daily or weekly basis. We can Provide Refrigeration and an online ordering platform for an office manager to place one bulk order or individuals can through a promo code to save them money. We have been working with companies such as UPS to provide easy to eat meals for their drivers to professional baseball teams to get their players ready for the game.

We can label and pack individual meals for all of your employees and work with you if you have multiple locations as well. We can serve anything from small office teams to large groups! Check out some of the areas we service below:

Corporate Meal Prep Arizona
Corporate Meal Delivery Phoenix
Corporate Food Delivery Mesa
Corporate Meal Prep Scottsdale
Corporate Gilbert meal prep
Corporate Meal Plan in Tempe
Litchfield Park Corporate Meal Plans
Litchfield Park
Corporate Meal Plans in Sun City
Sun City
Fountain Hills Corporate Meal Plans
Fountain Hills
Cave Creek Corporate Meal Plans
Cave Creek
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  1. Orders are due by Thursday weekly via our menu page! The new menu for the following week will be available on Friday’s!¬†
  2. We deliver on Sunday’s and pick up is available on Monday from Aioli Burger Restaurant on 32nd Street and Shea!
  3. Our meals are fully cooked and refrigerated in microwave safe containers. Order, Heat, Enjoy!
  4. We will install refrigeration based on the amount of meals you order weekly!

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