Corporate Meal Plan – Arizona

Corporate Meal Plan – Arizona

All across the state we find ourselves running out of time week after week. We always have so much planned to do in our head but when it comes to actual time, we find ourselves behind on our schedule. One of the biggest things that often gets cut short each week by busy professionals is finding time to meal prep for our week. Creating healthy meals that we can reheat is a great way to save money and save on the calories. Whenever we don’t have meal prep, we have to find an alternative that often leads to food that is not as good or is even bad for your health. Help your employees out by booking our corporate meal plan that is available right here in Arizona. This program makes it easy to provide healthy and delicious entrees for your employees day after day. Take a look at what our corporate meal prep in Arizona has to offer:

Only Fresh Ingredients in Our Meal Prep

At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we make sure that quality is never sacrificed in your meal prep orders. That is why we only use fresh ingredients that are never frozen. For over a year we have been providing single service and other meal plan options to residents of Arizona. The past year has taught us that meal preps can be just as delicious as a freshly prepared meal. That is why our fresh ingredients can be tasted in every bite. You will find that each entrée we offer is full of flavor and is delicious from start to finish. We offer some unique dishes and also classic entrees ensuring there is something for everyone on your team. You will never look at another meal prep service ever again once you have had Fresh Taste Meal Prep!

Corporate Meal Plan for You

When you choose our corporate meal plan from Taste Fresh Meal Prep you will have plenty of options at your fingertips. Some meal plan services can make you choose a large quantity of a single meal prep entrée. With our team, you can pick from a variety of options no matter or small or large your order is. We make sure that the menu includes plenty of proteins. Our meals breakfast varieties along with lunch and dinner entrees. Our breakfast options are a great way to start your day with; sample options include our breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, and a tasty three cheese blend. The breakfast tacos are a tasty and quick way to enjoy some chorizo and eggs. We offer even more varieties for meal prep when it comes to lunch and dinner. You will find some hearty entrees including burgers that rotate throughout the year. Expect to find our delicious custom burger blend topped with fresh toppings and a buttery brioche bun. The blackened steak comes grilled to perfection. Healthy options can typically include chicken and broccoli, Italian turkey wrap, chile lime shrimp, and a charcuterie box to name a few. Our entrees can be customized to fit any dietary needs. Vegetarians will be happy to know they can sub out any protein option for grilled tofu. Your entrée will also come with a delicious side that often includes steamed broccoli, quinoa, baked sweet potatoes, and rice. As you can see there really is no shortage to the way you can mix and match your meal prep entrées for your employees when you choose Taste Fresh Meal Prep.

Enjoying Your Corporate Meal Prep

Now that you know a little bit more about what kind of meal prep options we provide, you may be wondering why to choose our service. Our corporate meal prep allows your employees to focus their lunch hour on themselves to feel refreshed and relax. Instead of spending their hour driving around finding something to eat they can enjoy the healthy and delicious meal prep provided to them. Our team has been helping out professional baseball teams and delivery drivers get ready for their game time. Once employees will appreciate the effort you put in by offering these incredible meal prep entrees.

Even More Catering Options

Our catering services are not exclusive to just corporate meal plans. Our team can help you with large catering orders of over 35 entrees or even help you prepare for the holidays. Enjoy holiday themed entrees that will remind you or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Healthy and tasty food are just around the corner when you choose Fresh Taste Meal Prep.

Time to Book Your Corporate Meal Plan

It has never been a better time to start looking ahead at your corporate meal plan with us here at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. Orders can be submitted by Thursday each week to be ready in time for delivery for the following week. Let us show you healthy and tasty meal prep!