Corporate Meal Plan – Gilbert

Corporate Meal Plan – Gilbert

At the start of each week, many individuals have an idealistic goal of getting ready for another successful work week. This can include planning out your week with a variety of things, including your meals. Meal prepping is as popular as ever as our society places more emphasis on our personal health. Meal prepping can be a difficult task to create a variety of meals that rotate each day instead of having the same thing over and over. It can also be hard setting aside the hours needed to create food for the entire week. If either of those obstacles come to mind you may need a professional service to cook up your meal prep. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep we offer a corporate meal plan that prepares healthy and tasty meal prep for all of your employees. This service is available for businesses right here in Gilbert too. Take a look at what our corporate plan for meal prep in Gilbert can do for your company morale:

Fresh and Delicious Meal Prep

No one wants to eat food that was created with bland or frozen ingredients. Instead, we want delicious dishes where the flavor is ever present from start to finish. Our meal prep entrees feature healthy and fresh ingredients for each entrée we prepare. There is no bland flavor here and instead mouthwatering food that you actually want to be eating. Our selection of meal prep entrees include classic American dishes along with some unique entrees found nowhere else. We guarantee your team in Gilbert will love every bite of their meal prep!

Corporate Meal Plan for Gilbert

If you look around Gilbert, you are sure to find plenty of options for when it comes to catering your team’s lunch during the week. However, most catering services do not have the efficiency and ease of ordering meal prep that can be reheated whenever your team is ready to eat. Your team will rest easy knowing that their meal prep is not a selection of bland and tasteless dishes. Instead, their meal prep will feature entrees that are full of flavor and bring our tasty favorites. The selection of meal prep all starts in the morning with our breakfast options. Enjoy a classic breakfast plate that includes bacon and eggs or go with the chorizo tacos. Either way your team will be fueled for another productive day with breakfast. Our selection of meal prep entrees increases for lunch and dinner.

Our menu rotates throughout each week and season providing new options for you to select. Our menu also offers classic entrees that typically stick around such as our mouth water burgers. These juicy burgers use our custom burger blend that is then topped off with fresh toppings and a brioche bun. There is always a steak option such as our blackened steak that is cooked to perfection. The healthy choices including Italian turkey wrap, chicken and broccoli, and chile lime shrimp do not sacrifice on flavor. We also make sure to handle any dietary restriction. Your team will be pleased to learn that they can sub out any protein option for grilled tofu in its place. Each entrée comes with a healthy side such as baked sweet potatoes, quinoa, steamed broccoli, rice, and much more. The customizable options you have are better than ever when you choose our corporate meal plan from Taste Fresh Meal Prep in Gilbert!

Why Meal Prep Is Best

As you know, our work days are limited in the number of hours we have. You will want your work team feeling rested and ready to continue their day after their lunch break. Instead of having them stuck in traffic trying to find an unhealthy lunch, you can have it ready for them with meal prep. This allows your team to enjoy their meal whenever they decide to take their break. They can use the remainder of their lunch hour relaxing and feeling a peace of mind. Your employees will appreciate the effort you make towards them getting to enjoy their lunch break.

Even More Catering Options

Our corporate meal plan is not the only way to get a hold of our tasty meal prep. You can also order meal prep for home when ordering 35 or more entrees at once. We also prepare holiday theme entrees just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas; these entrées feature the flavor of a home cooked meal but with healthy choices. You will always feel good knowing you picked Taste Fresh Meal Prep for your meal prep meals!

Ordering Your Corporate Meal Plan in Gilbert Today

You can get ready for your companies next week by submitting your corporate meal plan order in today. Each order is due by Thursday the week before you want your meals ready. They will be ready for pickup or delivery that following Monday just in time for the work week.