Corporate Meal Plan – Scottsdale

Corporate Meal Plan – Scottsdale

Do you find yourself always having idealistic plans on preparing yourself for the upcoming week? Many individuals plan out their weeks in advance, hoping they can get everything done. This can include finding the time to meal prep for your week. Having meal preps ready to go for lunch or dinner can save you time and also provide delicious and healthy meals. Having the amount of time each week to meal prep can be difficult. Instead of having your employees prepare their own meals, you can order one of our corporate meal plans from Fresh Taste Meal Prep. This service is perfect for those in Scottsdale and will help you enjoy your own free time. Take a look at what our corporate meal prep in Scottsdale can offer you:

Fresh and Healthy Meal Prep

When it comes to tasty meal prep options you never want anything that has been frozen for months. Instead, our corporate meal plan includes fresh and healthy meal prep entrees that only use fresh ingredients. Fresh Taste Meal Prep has been serving up incredible meal prep for over a year. Each entrée is made with fresh ingredients which you can taste in every bite you take. We make sure that our selection of healthy meal prep still has plenty of flavor too so nothing is ever bland or mediocre. Our selection includes some unique dishes along with classic entrees that are sure to win you over. Once you have tasted one of our meal prep entrees you will never want to try another meal prep option ever again!

Corporate Meal Plan for Scottsdale

When it comes to choosing a tasty meal prep for your employees, we will make sure there are plenty of options you can look over. Other meal prep companies out there just want to make it easy and only offer a limited selection of entrees. We know that clients can get bored of the same food day after day, so we make sure our selection is always changing. Our menu features classic options that stick around the menu while other entrees rotate in and out each week. Our selection of entrees all start with our selection for breakfast. They always say it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast options on our menu include classic fare such as the breakfast plate featuring bacon, eggs, and cheese. Another great option is the breakfast tacos that feature a delicious chorizo blend and eggs.

The options for meal prep are even greater when you select options for lunch or dinner. This selection includes juicy burgers that come with our custom patty blend and buttery brioche bun. We offer a variety of protein options including blackened steak or chile lime shrimp. Healthy options include chicken and broccoli along with the Italian turkey wrap. We offer meal prep options that are perfect for any dietary restriction. Any of our meal prep options can have the protein substituted out for grilled tofu. Each of our meal prep entrees come with a healthy and tasty side; options typically include baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, quinoa, rice, and much more. Our meal prep entrees can always be customized allowing your employees to enjoy a meal they truly want to eat.

Why Choose Meal Prep

There are nearly endless options out there for choosing lunch when working in Scottsdale. By using our corporate meal plan you can be getting healthy and tasty lunches for your employees. This allows them to feel good about what they eat and keep them energized throughout the day. By also having meal preps available for them your employees can relax during their lunch hour instead of fighting traffic driving around to find something to eat. We guarantee your employees will appreciate the thought and consideration you have when purchasing a meal prep plan just for them.

Additional Meal Prep Options

Our corporate meal plans are not the only meal prep service we offer at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We are able to provide catering orders to those order 35 or more meal prep items at a time. We also prepare holiday meals that feature good ol’ home cooking just the way you like it. You will notice that these dishes are just as healthy as our meal prep but with that holiday twist for the entrees. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers available only from Fresh Taste Meal Prep.

Order Your Corporate Meal Prep Today

Now that you know a little more about our meal prep availability you can plan ahead for your corporate meal plan. Place your order by Thursday the week before you want your meal prep available. Our team will make sure it is ready by that following Monday to ensure your team in Scottsdale has a healthy and delicious meal ready.