Corporate Meal Plan—Sun City

Corporate Meal Plan—Sun City

One of the most difficult things about the work week is to successfully prep our food for the upcoming days, and sometimes it can be even harder if you’re aiming to eat healthy and use fresh ingredients. With all the responsibilities we all have, from taking care of our families to fulfilling our work duties, it can be a challenge to find time in the quickly moving week to do a healthy meal prep. When your company orders a corporate meal plan from us here at Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we do the work for you, and you get to reward your employees by taking that added stress of finding a fresh and healthy meal for their lunch. If you’re a business in Sun City searching for the perfect meal plan for your company, or wanting to cater a company event, look no further than our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plans in Sun City!

Fresh Ingredients Selected with Intention

Many times, corporate meal plans consist of dull, frozen food that isn’t very healthy for your employees, and often they can be fairly pricey for meals that are not high quality. When you set up your corporate meal plan with Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you can rest easy knowing that our ingredients are always fresh, and that we carefully select and source our ingredients with quality and taste in mind. We also create our entrees with healthy base ingredients and add our own flavorful twists for a meal that satisfies and feels good health-wise. We have unique entrees that are sure to pleasantly surprise your employees, as well as classics that will please everyone!

Affordable and Simple to Order

When you’re looking to cater fresh meals for your company, it can be hard to find a service that is high-quality and won’t break the company bank. With our corporate meal plans for Sun City, businesses will be thrilled to find that we have options to fit every price point, whether it’s a full weekly meal service or a once-a-month special occasion to celebrate reaching your goals for that month. Enjoy the ease of ordering online, and we can schedule a delivery, or we also offer a pick-up day for busy businesses that need more options. Order enough meals weekly, and we can install refrigeration to ensure you have space to keep all your meals fresh until they’re ready to reheat!

Fantastic Dishes Infused with Flavor

Our amazing line-up of dishes changes weekly, and we are always rotating entrees—not only does this keep our supply of ingredients fresh, but also means that your employees will never get bored with our corporate meal plans! To start the day off right, we offer breakfast options, which have included items like chorizo breakfast tacos, breakfast plates, and sides of zesty potatoes. Lunches for your corporate catering plan can include entrees like Teriyaki Salmon, Turkey Stuffed Peppers, or Steak Fajitas. If you have vegetarian employees, rest assured that the protein in each dish can be subbed out for tofu! With so much variety, it’s almost certain that your employees will always find the new menu interesting and won’t get tired of the meal plan options!

Each entrée comes with a side, which in the past have included delicacies like honey siracha Brussel sprouts, glazed carrots with dill, and rosemary roasted cauliflower. In addition to our unique and exciting entrees, we also have plenty of classic favorites available each week, such as our past selections of Baked Ziti and our Turkey Melt. The weekly menu also usually includes a burger selection, served on a brioche bun with rotating toppings that you can pair with a healthy side. With our ever-changing weekly menu, there’s something for every taste!

Our Excellent Additional Catering Services

If you’re throwing a company holiday party, or want to cater a big order of 35 or more, you’ve come to the right place at Fresh Taste Meal Prep! Our holiday menu includes high-quality meal selections with flavorful flair and has both classic holiday dishes as well as the signature dishes we’ve created ourselves. When you’re looking to cater an affordable meal for your business, with an easy ordering process, you can find it at Fresh Taste Meal Prep!

Book Your Corporate Meal Plan in Sun City Today

Here at Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we aim to deliver fresh and healthy meals, and to offer ease of meal planning to businesses that may not have the time themselves! With so many ways to service quality, fresh food to your business in Sun City, we make it easy to purchase our corporate meal plans. New menus come out on Fridays, and orders are due the following Thursday! Check out our ordering system online and book your corporate meal plan in Sun City today!