Corporate Meal Plan – Phoenix

Corporate Meal Plan – Phoenix

In today’s day and age, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find time to plan for your upcoming week. Whether it is our work hours or taking care of children we all find ourselves with less time than we want each week. This can make weekly tasks such as meal prepping even more difficult to manage. If you find yourself in need of delicious meal plans put together for you, look no further than Fresh Taste Meal Prep. Our team makes some delicious plans that are easy to reheat and be enjoyed. Ordering our meal plans is not just for regular customers either. If you own a business and are looking to provide healthy and delicious meals to your employees each week you can benefit from a corporate meal plan. Our team will make sure each order is just as great as the last. Take a look at how our corporate plan fo meal delivery in Phoenix will help out your team:

Fresh Ingredients Each Time

When it comes to finding the perfect meal prep service for your team look no further than Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We have been offering single service and corporate meal plans to the residents of Phoenix with huge demand. We start each of our meal prep meals the same: with fresh ingredients that are never frozen. This ensures quality in every bite that will have you finishing your meal before you know it. No one wants to eat bland or mediocre food. We make sure each dish has a unique flavor that you will love to eat. We guarantee you can taste the quality of our ingredients with each bite.

How It Works

When you choose our corporate meal plan you will be choosing a service that ensures your team is fed daily or weekly. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we provide you with a variety of meal prep options that you can choose. Depending on how often you want your meals delivered you can choose to have meals delivered each day or once a week. This makes it easy for your team to enjoy their lunch hour without having to drive around finding something healthy to eat. Each meal comes with fresh flavors and can come with a variety of options. We have worked with professional baseball teams and delivery drivers to ensure they are given healthy meals just before game time or on their delivery routes. You too can now see how incredible this service is when you schedule a corporate meal plan for your employees.

Potential Meal Prep Items

As mentioned, when you reserve one of our corporate meal plans you will be able to pick out from a variety of meal prep options. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we make sure you always have plenty to pick from so your employees can mix it up each week. Our meal prep menu also rotates weekly so new items can be brought in too. Our meal prep services can take care of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner needs. Breakfast options include the breakfast plate with bacon, eggs, and a three-cheese blend, or grab the breakfast tacos with chorizo, eggs, and zesty breakfast potatoes. For lunch and dinner, you have even more options to choose form. A variety of burger options rotate through the menu that use our custom burger blend, fresh toppings, and a buttery brioche bun. Hearty options that will keep your employees full include the blackened steak, chicken and broccoli, and our pork barbacoa enchilada. You can also order healthier options too such as our Italian turkey wrap, charcuterie box, and chile lime shrimp. Each of our items can be made vegetarian friendly by subbing out the protein for grilled tofu. Each entrée also comes with its own tasty side such as rice, baked sweet potatoes, steam broccoli, quinoa, and so much more. You really do have near endless options when you mix and match your corporate meal plan. Don’t forget the menu is always changing to ensure your employees never get bored with the selection!

Additional Catering Options

Our corporate meal plan is not the only catering service we offer for our meal prep services. We also provide holiday meals and large group orders of 35 and more. The holiday menu features plenty of classic Thanksgiving and Christmas meals that will remind you of a home cooked meal from your youth. Don’t miss out on any of our incredible catering options whenever you are in need of healthy and tasty food!

Schedule Your Corporate Meal Plan Today

As you can see, our corporate meal plan has so much to offer for you and your employees. You can get started by placing your order today. Each order is due by the Thursday of each week to be ready for the following week. Let Fresh Taste Meal Prep take care of your corporate meal plan needs today.