Corporate Meal Plan—Tempe

Corporate Meal Plan—Tempe

We’ve all been there—trying to eat whole, healthy foods for the week, only to run out of time and end up ordering low-quality food that is quick and lacking in overall nutritional value. With life putting so many pressures on us all, and juggling our social lives and work lives, it can be difficult to ensure we’re eating healthy during the week. Eating this way can cause a cycle of stress that makes things even more difficult for us and can often result in low morale. If you’re a business in Tempe looking to improve the overall well-being of your employees with fresh and healthy meals that won’t deplete the company budget, look no further than our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plan in Tempe!

Fresh and Healthy Ingredients Every Time

The wonderful city of Tempe is home to many busy businesses, but catering options are often lacking in health and quality. Too many times an expensive meal catered meal for your company seems not worth it in the end. With Fresh Taste Meal Prep, never suffer a sub-par catering order again! We take the guesswork out of corporate meal plans with our amazing menu that always offers fresh ingredients, with the health and satisfaction of our customers in mind. We carefully source our ingredients to guarantee their freshness and serve up wholesome dishes so delicious that you can taste the quality. Our menu consists of old favorites sure to please anyone, and innovative creations for adventurous tastes. When you take the pressure off your employees to meal plan or fight the lunch hour traffic, the result is happier people who engage in higher levels of productivity and an increased sense of well-being!

Prices That Fit Your Budget and Easy Delivery

Too often a frequent catering scenario for companies can be a costly bill, for food that was previously frozen and flavorless. When you order a corporate meal plan from us here at Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that you’ll get affordable price points for your company’s budget, and that your employees will love the high-quality meal options and variety that changes weekly. Order a once-a-week meal to make Mondays something to look forward to or order a meal plan for every day of the week—the options are endless, and if you order weekly, we can even look into installing refrigeration to keep your meals in prime condition until they’re ready to heat up!

Sensational Dishes with Flavorful Accents

At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, our menu changes weekly, meaning two things: one, you know we’re always sourcing the freshest ingredients, and two, you know your employees will never get bored of what we’re offering! Indulge in a classic favorite like Chicken Alfredo, or try something with an international flair, like our Coconut Curry Shrimp—it all depends on what the menu is offering that week. With a great weekly variety, there’s sure to be something for everyone’s tastes. Even better, any meal can be made vegetarian by substituting grilled tofu for the protein, making it easy for those with specialized diet restrictions.

If we’re offering a soup that week, be sure to not miss it! Previous soups have included delicious creations like our Italian Sausage and Kale Soup, or easy favorites like Broccoli Cheddar. Some of our past entrees have included dishes like Pork Barbacoa Enchilada, Swedish Meatballs, and Turkey Lasagna. We always strive to create our dishes with overall health in mind, and you can find tasty sides like garlic broccoli or cauliflower au gratin. Favorites of our clients have included our rotating burger selection, served on a brioche bun, and our popular breakfast plates to start the day right. With our innovative weekly menu, there’s certain to always be something new and exciting for our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plan!

Holiday Catering and Additional Orders

We’re proud to say we also offer excellent holiday meals, everything from Mother’s Day Brunch menus to a Thanksgiving feast. Have a company holiday party with our amazing homecooked favorites, from traditional dishes to unique new creations. Large groups of 35+ can also take advantage of our meal prep services, and in the past, we’ve catered to UPS employees as well as a professional baseball team!

Order Your Corporate Meal Plan in Tempe Today

We go above and beyond to offer businesses an easy way to order fresh and healthy meals for their employees, whether it’s the ease of our online ordering system or our weekly delivery service. If you’re a business in Tempe, we can help you get the most out of your catering budget, and meals that are high in quality and expertly prepared. Be sure to take a look at our online ordering system, and to order our corporate meal plan in Tempe today!