Corporate Meal Plan—Litchfield Park

Corporate Meal Plan—Litchfield Park

We all know how difficult it is to be intentional with our food prep for the week, and what it feels like to end up breaking the bank ordering unhealthy food to save time and avoid stress. With what busy lifestyles we all lead, it can be a challenge to ensure we’re getting clean, fresh food and even more of a challenge to play chef yourself—especially on fast-paced weekdays. If you’re a business in Litchfield Park looking to take that added stress off your employees with weekly meal plans, or wanting to cater a party or celebration, search no further than Fresh Taste Meal Prep! Our Litchfield Park corporate meal plans are the best around!

Carefully Selected Fresh Ingredients

If you want a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal plan for your employees, you’ve come to the right place with us here at Fresh Taste Meal Prep! So often mass catering orders or weekly meal plans can consist of frozen, subpar food that often isn’t that good for your employees either—but never at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. Our ingredients are always fresh and have a reliability you can count on, which is something difficult to find in the food industry nowadays! The dishes we craft are always created with health in mind, but never compromise on flavor. Our selection ranges from well-known dishes to house creations, and the menu has something for everyone!

Ease and Affordability for Your Business

Oftentimes catering fresh meals can be costly and are only done on special occasion to save company money. With our corporate meal plans for Litchfield Park, you’ll find we have a variety of options for every budget, whether you want a once-a-week meal service to celebrate Friday afternoons, a daily meal plan to motivate your employees, or just to simply save them from the stress of fighting the dreaded lunch hour traffic rush. We make it easy by scheduling a delivery with you, or we offer a convenient pick-up option as well. If you order weekly, we can also install refrigeration based on the number of entrees you order!

Step Into a World of Flavor

The best part about our menu is that we are always rotating things in and out, meaning that your employees will always have variety and will never be bored. The new menu for the following week is available on Fridays, and orders are due Thursdays. Options for breakfast have typically included dishes like chorizo breakfast tacos, or breakfast plates with eggs and bacon. When you’re ordering lunch or dinner, you’ll find flavorful and healthy selections—past entrees have included Citrus Glazed Salmon, Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak, and the BBQ Chicken Bowl. The menu changes weekly, but you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from, and a rotating burger selection most weeks, served on a fluffy brioche bun—past selections have featured burgers like our White Truffle Swiss Burger and our New Mexico Burger with a southwest flair. Each entrée comes with its own side, which in the past have included fresh and flavorful creations like green chile pork stew, wild rice, and garlic broccoli.

For those that have more classic tastes, you can usually find time honored favorites, like chicken noodle soup or spaghetti and beef meatballs. If you’re looking for a quick and healthy lunch, we provide options such as Falafel Pita, Italian Chopped Salad, or Shrimp Fajitas. If you have employees that follow a vegetarian diet, all of our items can be made vegetarian friendly by substituting the protein for grilled tofu! Because we change it up weekly, there will always be something new and exciting on the menu. You’ll never run out of options to keep it exciting with all that our corporate meal plan has to offer!

Our Amazing Additional Catering Services

In addition to our versatile corporate meal plans, we also offer more catering services to fit your company’s budget. We cater large group orders of 35 or more and have a delicious holiday menu for gourmet Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, which in the past have featured classics like mashed potatoes, and dishes with an upscale twist, like a Rosemary Crusted Prime Rib. When you’re looking for amazing catering services with quality food that doesn’t cost a fortune, be sure to remember our incredible meal plans!

Reserve Your Corporate Meal Plan in Litchfield Park Today

It’s never been easier to treat your employees to healthy and fresh meals! We offer so many convenient ways to service fresh and healthy meal plans to your business in Litchfield Park, and we guarantee your employees will love having health-conscious options for their meals at work. The upcoming menu for the following week is available Fridays, and you have until Thursday to place your orders. Check out our online ordering system and place your order for a corporate meal plan in Litchfield Park today!