Corporate Meal Plan—Fountain Hills

Corporate Meal Plan—Fountain Hills

With all the pressures modern society puts on us, prepping a variety of fresh and healthy meals for the week can often take a backseat to the other stresses at the forefront of our minds. Too often, we all can fall back on quick and unhealthy options that usually leave us feeling worse than before, only to have the same thing happen again the next week. Sometimes our companies cater for us, but many times it’s only a special occasion to save on costs, or the food ends up being repetitive and boring. If you’re a company in Fountain Hills that wants to invest in the health of your employees and take the pressure off of them when it comes to finding a high-quality lunch, and that won’t drain your company’s wallet, look no further than our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plan, now servicing Fountain Hills!

Fresh and Whole Ingredients for Deliciously Healthy Meals

Say goodbye to bland frozen entrees and fast-food lunches! When you order a Fountain Hills corporate meal plan from Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you can rest easy knowing that our ingredients are always sourced with freshness and quality in mind. We aim to serve up entrees that are simple and health conscious, while bursting with flavor and satisfactory to even the pickiest of eaters. Find comforting classics, as well as dishes with exciting fusion flavors. We aim to make our meals wholesome and convenient, and to take the stress of meal planning out of your employee’s weeks, leaving more time for productivity and increasing their overall better well-being!

Affordability and Convivence for Your Business

We’ve all been there when ordering for large groups—left with an expensive catering bill and food that was semi-satisfactory. When you arrange a corporate meal plan with us at Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you’ll enjoy affordable prices that fit your businesses budget, and your employees are guaranteed to love the rotating menu and tasty new options week after week. Whatever your business’s needs, whether it’s consistent weekly meal plans or just a once-a-week reward to make Wednesday’s more exciting, we make it easy and cost-effective. Fountain Hills customers can order online, schedule a delivery, or can take advantage of our easy pick-up option. If you order meals regularly, we can even look into installing refrigeration to keep your meals fresh until they’re ready to reheat!

Dishes That Stand Out with Fantastic Flavor

The good news is that our menu changes weekly, meaning we’re always offering the freshest of ingredients—and it also means that your employees will always have new dishes to choose from! Traditional breakfast options usually include favorites like bacon and eggs, or breakfast tacos, while the lunch and dinner menu rotate things in and out. In the past, we’ve usually included a burger on a brioche bun, but the toppings change weekly. In the past, we’ve served everything from a Black and Blue Burger to a New Mexico Burger with a spicy flair. Entrees come with their own sides, and we have featured things like roasted farm vegetables or seasonal fruit bowls—sides get changed up too, but there will typically be a healthy option!

Entrees have consisted of plates like Chicken Parmesan, Pork Pastor Tacos, Beef and Rice Stuffed Cabbage—each week you’re likely to find a healthy variety for a wide assortment of tastes! Even better, every meal can be made vegetarian by substituting grilled tofu for the protein, making it easy for your company to cater to a variety of diets. In addition to our innovative dishes, you’ll also find time-tested classics like Spaghetti and Meatballs, Blackened Salmon, and Steak Fajitas. With the menu changing weekly, there’s certain to be something for everyone on your staff with our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plans!

Holiday Catering and Large Group Orders

Besides our flexible corporate meal plans, we also offer large catering services for special celebrations, whether it’s a holiday or a mid-year company party. We’re pleased to say we also offer a variety of holiday menus, everything from Easter brunch to Christmas dinner! It’s a great way to throw a bash for your employees with upscale meals, or to celebrate a special occasion like reaching company goals. With Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you have plenty of different options to cater company meals on your terms, with easy delivery and pickup options!

Order Your Corporate Meal Plan in Fountain Hills Today

With our online ordering system, getting fresh meals delivered to your company has never been easier. We put out new menus on Fridays, and you have until the next Thursday to place your order for the following week. If you’re a business in Fountain Hills, take a look at our menu, and order your corporate meal plan today!