Warm Meals for Your Employees in Wintertime

As we enter the shorter and chillier days of winter, we desert dwellers seek many ways to find warmth. The blankets on our sofas that are used for decoration most of the year will soon be used for their true purpose as they lay across our laps. The air conditioner is switched to heater, probably only coming on at night but greatly appreciated none the less. And when meal time rolls around, the lighter meals we turned to in summer months morph into heavier ones that fill our stomachs, feed our souls, and warm us from the inside out. When you choose to participate in our Fresh Taste Meal Prep Arizona corporate meal programs, even though the daylight hours are not as cold as the night, our winter meals will warm your employees mentally, emotionally, and physically!

Soups for the Soul

On the rare occasion, the desert we live in offers up a gem of a day, one in which the rain falls in a steady downpour and the temperatures drop into the it’s time to put on our sweaters and closed toed shoes. These are the days that we find our selves craving the simple warmth of a bowl of soup and the corporate meal plan you provide for your employees will make it easy for your employees to find the one they love best! Thick and creamy, brothy and filled with vegetables, or a combination of both, this simple dish will keep them warm and feed their souls, no matter which bowl they turn to for comfort and warmth.

International Delights

Variety is important in life, including the meals you eat, and our corporate meal plan likes to delve into international delights as well. Try a pasta dish from Italy and as the smells of sauce and cheese waft through the office around lunch time, watch your employees faces light up as their stomachs begin to growl! Spicy foods are the easiest way to keep warm and our Mexican treats, tacos, burritos, or bowls (the menu changes regularly) offer the perfect counter to a chilly day in the valley. Taco Tuesday can be every day of the week and that wonder food, America’s new favorite handheld, will be yet another way you can show your employees just how much you appreciate all their hard work and great attitudes!

Comfort Foods

The ultimate winter meal, the meals that warm us from our toes to the tops of our heads are, of course, the comfort foods that make us think of home. Our grandma’s meatloaves, our mother’s baked salmon dishes, even our aunt’s famous pork loin. These are the meals that fill our memories and warm our hearts and although we may not use the same recipe, our versions are destined to bring a smile to their faces as they dine on memories and foods that comfort. Find your favorites and add them to your list and realize that even the most boring of meetings and the angriest of clients can’t combat the feeling of cheer these foods provide! We can’t change the way the world responds to us, but we can definitely change the way your employees responds to the world, simply by showing how much you care and providing the comfort foods that make dreary days brighter!

Better Times Are Here

The last couple of years have been scary stressful and even though we are still dealing with the after-effects of the pandemic, better times are here and you want to share the good times with the ones who have weathered all the uncertainties of the pandemic, your valued employees! Starting out the new year with our corporate meal plans can be the best (and tastiest!) way to show your appreciation and your belief that 2022 is destined to be the year that the better times arrive! Nothing keeps the hangries away easier than a hot meal on a chilly winter day and when your employees are well fed and happy, it shows in the work they do!

Simply Designed Arizona Corporate Meal Programs

Offering a variety of ways to keep your employees fed and warm (during the winter months!) and fed and comfortably cool all the other months of the year, Fresh Taste Meal Prep makes the ordering process easy! Simply place your orders by Thursday and your meals will be delivered on Sundays or you can arrange to pick them up yourself on Monday. We can install refrigeration, depending on the number of meals ordered, and all the foods we provide are fully cooked and ready to be microwaved! And for every 10 meals you order, we prepare a 11th meal for the companies we partner with, including the Ronald McDonald House, Waste Not, and Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, just to mention a few! Get your orders in today and start the new year out tastefully!


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