Weekly Meal Prep with Fresh Taste Meal Prep

As we navigate through this strange new world of self-quarantines, social distancing, and mandatory wearing of face masks, we never really know if what we are doing is the right thing, and that includes dining out. Obviously, we can’t wear face masks while we eat, and even though all the local restaurants are making an effort to keep their spaces safe, there’s always that chance that one rogue sneeze could cause a whole new problem! Our Fresh Taste Meal Prep taco trucks take a lot of the worry away from dining out, as it’s easier to follow social distancing when outside, but if you’re wanting extra precautions, why not consider our weekly meal prep options and forget about cooking family dinners for an entire seven days?

Intrigued About our New Weekly Meal Prep Deal?

We thought you might be more than a little curious about this awesome new weekly meal prep deal we have going on, so let us tell you a little more about what you can expect! First of all, the menu changes every week. We understand that people can get tired of the same old, same old every day of the week, so we change it up enough to give you a break. The food we serve is created from the same fresh and local ingredients you have come to expect from Fresh Taste Meal Prep and may resemble some of the dishes you’re used to, but the differences will be immediately apparent. For example, one week we may offer Breakfast Tacos and a Falafel Pita kit, which obviously play off the Aioli Gourmet Burgers Falafel burger and any of the Mexican treats you’ve seen on our regular Fresh Taste Meal Prep menu. Also offering a selection of children’s meals and desserts (the mini cannoli will change your life), there are over 11 standard meals to choose from and two burger kits—one comes with two burgers and all the fixings, and the other has four burgers!

You pick the meals you want and the quantity and pay the price listed on the order form. The more you order, the lower the cost, and the burger kits, children’s meals, and desserts aren’t included in the standard pricing. This next step is extremely important, as you must place your order no later than 3 PM on Thursdays for them to be available for pick-up the next Sunday! If you’re quarantined and really can’t get out, or just don’t want to put on pants, we offer a delivery service with the meals being delivered either on Sunday or Monday after the order was placed. If you skip that Thursday deadline, however, you will have to wait an entire week to enjoy these delicious and healthy meals!

What Are You Waiting For?

Fill out the order form on our website today and enjoy a week of delicious and healthy meals prepared by someone else!


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