New Year’s Resolution: Treat Your Employees

New Year’s Eve is always a night filled with such promise. We attend fancy parties dressed in our most glittery attire or we sit home in our jammies, waiting for the big crystal ball to drop over Times Square and we imagine a big chalkboard eraser poised over the night sky, ready to wipe clean the troubles, problems, and challenges faced over the previous 12 months. The new year stretches out before us, a great expanse of days, weeks, and months, waiting to be filled with everything good. New Year’s Eve is also a time of reflection, and as you reflect on the success of your business, you begin to realize that its true success lies in the heart, strength, and work ethic of those you have employed! And yes, you have given bonuses and special gifts, a Christmas party in the middle of the week, and an extra paid day off or two, but there is so much more you want to do for these hardworking people in your life. One of our favorite ways of expressing gratitude at Fresh Taste Meal Prep is with a delicious meal, and our Arizona corporate meal plans can be the answer to all your questions!

So Many Options With Our Arizona Corporate Meal Plans

Not all budgets are created equal, so we have designed a variety of meal plan options—at least one should fit into yours. Start with the choice of hot versus cold meals; we offer sandwiches and sides for a quick and easy lunch on the go, making those meetings that invariably go into the lunch hour a little more bearable! Our hot dishes are filling, delicious, and most definitely meals your workers will look forward to every day.

Speaking of every day, not all corporate meal plans have to be a daily event. Maybe your office will be best served with a Friday lunch plan, just a little reminder to your employees that they are valuable and you appreciate all they do to keep your business running smoothly. Perhaps you are about to head into your busy season, and you know that the next four months of the year will be absolute madness (Hello, tax preparers!) and you need a way to keep your employees fed and happy and close to home. Temporarily ordering a five day a week meal plan can do the job; just have your office manager go online once a week and create the orders for the next week!

The Food

The menu changes regularly, but if you haven’t ordered from Fresh Taste Meal Prep before, we can promise that every dish will delight your employees. Offering large portions that are full of flavor, our foods are prepared using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We even can install refrigeration for companies who order on a regular basis, ensuring that your employees can eat on a schedule that is convenient to them, instead of everyone having to drop what they are doing and stand in long lines at the microwaves. Every dish is fully prepared; from salmon and rice to burgers and potatoes, just pop the meal in the microwave and within minutes the scents wafting through the air will have mouths watering! Menus for the next week will be available on Fridays, giving your employees plenty of time to review and choose their favorites before Thursday orders are due, should you want to offer that option!

Checking Another Box on Your Resolution List

For many of us, self-improvement is high on our list of resolutions for the new year, and although that can take many forms, sometimes doing our part to help others is a major component, and Fresh Taste Meal Prep can help with that as well! For every 10 meals you order for your employees, we provide one meal for people in need, partnering with a variety of charitable organizations every month of the year. In past months we have partnered with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Mom’s Pantry, and Harvest Compassion Center, and we are always looking for new people to feed! Food is love, and we can’t think of a better way to help better the world in which we live.

Hello 2022!

The last two years have been unusual to say the least, and 2022 is the clean slate we have all dreamed about! Start the year out on the right foot when you sign up for our Fresh Taste Meal Prep corporate meal plans and show your employees exactly how much you appreciate them and all their hard work. The system is easy, just order your meals by Thursday at 3PM; they can be delivered to your doorstep on Sunday, or you can pick them up at Aioli Gourmet Burgers at 32nd & Shea on Monday. See you soon!


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