What’s Your Favorite Meal from Fresh Taste Meal Prep?

Now that you have gotten into the rhythm of ordering on Thursdays and having our delicious meals delivered on Sundays, there are probably a few items that you consistently add to your list. Maybe it’s the breakfast tacos that make mornings pass by so much more smoothly, or possibly it is our charcuterie boxes that pair so wonderfully with your favorite wine. Possibly, the item that you love, the dish that you crave, is something we only offered once, and you find yourself searching each week’s menu with hope in your eyes, seeking that meal that made your heart beat faster, and even though you haven’t found it again, you know there is a chance that it will be there next week!

We at Fresh Taste Meal Prep would love to keep your favorite dish available as often as possible, but without knowing for sure which one it is, we may not succeed! So, we thought to ourselves, the best way to learn something is by asking. What is your favorite Arizona meal prep option from Fresh Taste Meal Prep?

A Taste of the Old Country

Our Aioli burgers are always a bit hit, offering a taste of perfection that you don’t have to get dressed to enjoy, and the Italiano Burger reminds of an updated version of the food you enjoyed during your honeymoon in Italy! Starting with a custom burger blend, it is the flavors of the old country that made you fall in love, including fresh mozzarella cheese, bacon, and the garlic aioli that offers the perfect finishing touch. Offering the perfect meal for a casual lunch on the weekends or a quick bite to eat on a school night when the kids and hubby all have a million different things going on. Your favorite burger represents love and family, and if you could add it to the menu every week, you definitely would!

The Elegance of Salmon

Your favorite dish, our blackened salmon, reveals a lot about you, believe it or not. The ones who love our salmon enjoy the health benefits, but it is the hint of heat and the quiet elegance that appeals to your soul! Made with blackened salmon that is fresh and delicious, served over a bed of broccoli and rice pilaf, the red pepper sauce adds an explosion of flavor that makes your taste buds stand up and take notice. There is nothing you don’t love about this amazing meal, and when you realized that it comes in a keto version, made with cauliflower rice, you fell madly and deeply in love!

Like the Rebel You Are

Not all favorites stay that way, and when you are the type of person always looking forward to the next best and greatest, it may be the new dishes that capture your attention! This month, it could be the beef meatballs and polenta that makes your heart skip a beat, made with all the flavors you love, including meatballs, marinara sauce, cheese, basil, and of course, sweet corn polenta. Because it freezes well, you may want to buy extra, ensuring that next month, when the new specials hit the menu, you can enjoy a taste of your past while looking forward to what is new!

International Delights

Some of our happy guests dream of international vacations spent exploring exotic locales and trying all the foods that go with the region, and you are no exception. Your favorite Fresh Taste Meal Prep dish is the Chicken Tikka Marsala, bringing back memories of your college adventures in Bangladesh when everything was exciting and new! Made with chicken, stewed tomatoes, cream, cilantro, and served with brown rice, every bite you take instantly transports you back to visits to that amazing restaurant you happened across in one of the back alleys of town.

The Most Important Meal

Subscribing to the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you could go one step further, eating breakfast foods with every meal. Of course, the dish that brings you to our website is the Breakfast Plate! Ordering often and a lot, the scrambled eggs topped with a three-cheese blend and the strips of applewood smoked bacon make every day feel like a lazy Saturday, and the roasted potatoes and salsa that comes along with the plate just make you feel extra happy. Your favorite dish is a classic dish of comfort and brings back memories of watching cartoons in your pajamas, back when they only aired on weekends!

Our Arizona Meal Prep Options Are Like Snowflakes

Every customer who finds their way to our Fresh Taste Meal Prep site has their own likes, dislikes, and needs, and whether your favorite dishes are the ones we have mentioned here or are ones that will be offered in the future, we put our heart in soul in all the meals. Order your favorite taste of the menu today!


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