Summer Wedding Catering from Fresh Taste Meal Prep

We just can’t help but love summertime, even in spite of the sweltering Arizona heat. This is the season of pool parties and barbecues, vacation getaways and weekend road trips, and for many Arizonans, summer is the season of love. June brides are blushing as they say “I do,” July grooms are standing at the altar watching their soon to be life partner glide down the aisle, and August bouquet tosses give single women hope that they will be the next to celebrate their big day! When it is time to start planning your moment in the spotlight, we hope you will consider our summer wedding catering for your special day!

Every Wedding is Unique

Just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two weddings are remotely alike, because every bride is beautiful, every groom is wonderful, and every wedding is unique! Make yours stand out in a sea of summer weddings with a build your own taco stand (every day is Taco Tuesday for Fresh Taste Meal Prep) or a full-service catered meal that fits in with the fanciest of themes! We’ve catered many weddings over the years, and we want to let you in on a little secret: People are tired of rubber chicken, dried out salmon, and overdone beef dishes! They want filling burritos, tasty tacos, and the fiery taste of the perfect salsa doing a happy dance on their tongues! When you give your guests what they want, you can guarantee that no matter how many weddings Aunt Mary attended or cousin Katy participated in during the season of love; YOURS is the one they will remember fondly, gushing over the memory of a couple who loved so brightly and of course, the taste of that spicy Mexican feast!

Your Special Day with Our Summer Wedding Catering

Tacos are the perfect meal, but sometimes our clients want more, and our chefs will do what it takes to help make your day as special as you are! We love to work with brides to perfect their day, and if you have an idea for a dish that would make your bridal feast even better, tell us and we will work with you to create that perfect dish!

Get Started Now!

There are millions of details involved with every wedding, so fill out the form on our website today and move on to the seemingly endless list of other things you have to accomplish before that all-important walk down the aisle!


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