Stay Warm with a Hot Winter Meal from Fresh Taste Meal Prep Food Truck

Even in the desert, winter nights can get cold, and if you have lived in Arizona for a decent amount of time, your blood thins, and you feel the cold far stronger than visitors from the east! We don’t complain, though, because we think of winter as our reward for surviving summer, and it gives us a chance to stay warm with a hot winter meal, a meal from Fresh Taste Meal Prep food truck, preferably! Our food trucks offer the spicy heat of food that originated South of the Border, or if you prefer, you can seek out the delicious comfort foods offered through our meal prep service. In either case, we will feed you the foods that soothe the soul and warm you from the inside out!

Impossible to Stay Chilled

No matter how low the temperatures drop on a winter night in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, it is impossible to stay chilled when sampling our specialties! Follow our food trucks and binge on a thick steak burrito created with chili flour tortilla, carne asada, white onion, shredded cheddar, cilantro, lime crema, fresh jalapeño, served with shredded lettuce on the side. These hearty meals are hot and delicious, giving a winter’s night a cozy feeling that you wish could last forever! The sweet taste of our crème filled churros offer the perfect finish to your dinner, and although they are rich, you might want to order more than a few as they are addictively wonderful, and one just might not be enough!

Meal Prep to the Rescue

As you drive into work in the dark, drive home from work in the dark, and fill every minute in between with meetings, school events, and overtime, the thought of coming home and fixing a new meal every night of the week exhausts you. Until relatively recently our favorite people, our guests, had to resort to takeout meals or cold sandwiches, neither of which were pleasing! Our new meal prep menus, however, have changed all that, allowing you to pick out the menus for the week just by browsing online and having them delivered on Sunday. Although it may be tough to narrow your choices, knowing that is the most difficult part of ordering meal prep makes your winter evenings happy, peaceful, and so very restful!

Follow Fresh Taste Meal Prep Food Truck Today!

The short days of winter will be made that much more special when you choose to follow our Fresh Taste Meal Prep food truck or pick out a week’s worth of meal prep. Contact us today!


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