Spice Up 2020 with Fresh Taste Meal Prep’s Mobile Catering

Every year there are countless reasons to celebrate, from milestone anniversaries to birthdays to welcome home dinners and going away lunches. As we look forward to the next decade, we’re sure you’ll find even more reasons to gather with friends and family! Unfortunately, although the number of special events may increase, the number of hours in every day will not, and you may find yourself tempted to ignore the fact that grandma is turning 90 in just a few short weeks. But then, you may not have heard of Fresh Taste Meal Prep’s incredible mobile catering service, which can take a huge burden off your shoulders, allowing you to relax and devote yourself to showing that special lady just how much she means to you!

Kick Up the Heat in Your Celebrations

Your grandma isn’t the only lady in your life, nor is a milestone birthday the only thing worth celebrating! The outlook for 2020 is clear skies, happy moments, and all the tacos you can eat! And because tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are our specialty, we can help ensure your party is a spicy success!

Say I do to a build your own taco stand for a wedding day that is sure to lead to a well-seasoned and long-lasting marriage or welcome the newest grandchild with a shower filled with love and food from our full-service catering menu! Every occasion deserves your full attention, and our favorite foods are created with locally sourced ingredients and finished off with a pinch of love!

Start the business year off with a Fresh Taste Meal Prep food truck in your parking lot and a prediction that 2020 is going to be rich and successful; tacos, quesadillas, and burritos created with fresh and spicy ingredients will ensure that your employees will put in the extra effort required to make it so!

Finally, Arizona in the winter is when we all come out to play. Make use of our drop-off catering service and invite the neighbors you only see when the air conditioning is turned off for the season for a fiesta that celebrates friendship and temperatures that have fallen far below the triple-digit mark!

Fill Out the Form on Our Page

Hiring our services is easy! Simply fill out the form on our page or give us a call at 914-539-2393 and let’s get this party started! 2020 has 12 months, 365 days, and plenty of opportunities to celebrate! Contact us today.


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