Set Up a Corporate Holiday Party with Fresh Taste

As we come to the end of another crazy and mixed-up year, you are beginning to realize more than ever just how much your employees do for you! After learning to adapt to Zoom meetings and working from home, they have had to readapt to wearing pants and fighting Phoenix traffic when coming BACK to the office, which at first resembled a scene from the old Twilight Zone series. Skeletonized snacks sit on their desks where they left them, plants are dried up and dead, and the liquid soap in the bathrooms had hardened to a crunchy mess, but still they carried on. And as customers once again stream in and out of doors that have been locked for over a year and a sense of normalcy is beginning to return, you have decided that a corporate holiday party is on the agenda, serving as a giant thank you card for all their hard work! Fresh Taste Meal Prep, as usual, is here to help you with this party, serving up a holiday menu that is guaranteed to get their mouth’s watering and fill their hearts with glee as they realize that yes, you really do appreciate all they have done for you!

All About the Traditions With Our Arizona Meal Prep

When you think back over the years, trying to remember your favorite holiday meals, chances are it’s the traditional dishes that bring a smile to your heart, much as they do for your coworkers and employees. A thick and juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the traditional herbed stuffing are prominently portrayed in your memories and can be just as prominently portrayed on the menu of your corporate holiday party. Fresh Taste Meal Prep offers a variety of holiday feasts, all of which include citrus herb roasted turkey breast, (boneless) pan gravy, homemade mashed potatoes (or substitute sweet potato casserole) green bean casserole, fresh baked rolls, and because it isn’t a party without sweetly delicious pumpkin pie, finishes off our menu! Cranberry relish is also included, providing a tangy accompaniment to the turkey of your dreams, and a host of side dishes can be added on, ensuring that every one of your corporate coworkers are filled to the gills from a feast that will live on in their dreams for years to come! Rich and creamy three cheese macaroni and cheese, roasted farm vegetables that add color and flavor to the table, and when your crowd is a large one, extra sides of herbed stuffing, mashed potatoes and pan gravy, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry relish are available for purchase as well! Choose extra green bean casserole which, at home, may be the only way you can convince your tweens and toddlers to eat their vegetables, and add extra fluffy and soft fresh baked rolls that give every meal a taste of home. There really is no better way to say thank you than with a big and hearty meal and we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep live to feed hungry people, giving everyone that same taste of home without the hard work that usually accompanies any meal preparations!

Gathering Around the Conference Table

Generally this space is for meetings, talking about what has gone wrong and what has gone right, brainstorming for solutions to the stickiest of problems, and finding ways to acknowledge all that your employees do for you every day, but on this day of celebration, it is all about the food! Watch the smiles that never leave your employees faces as they dig in to their second slice of pumpkin pie, listen to the laughter and join in with a few giggles yourself as you all talk about the funny moments that have occurred over the last 12 months. Turn the phones off and if your company can get away with it, let the wine, beer, and champagne pour freely. The last couple of years have been strange and scary and through it all you have come together as a family, not just as coworkers or boss and employees, and worked together to reach the other side and today is about celebrating your successes, your triumphs, and your continued prosperity. Fresh Taste Meal Prep will be right at your side, doing what we do best, feeding hungry people and offering the ultimate in happy moments!

As Our Year Comes to an End

We at Fresh Taste Meal Prep will be gathered around our own tables, celebrating friends, family, coworkers, and of course you. We are thankful that as we appear to arrive at the end of the strangeness that has been the star of 2020 and 2021, we have reached our own levels of success and have done so right alongside you! Complete your order for a holiday celebration today and end the year on a high note with our Arizona meal prep services!


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