Savory & Sweet Meals for Your Work Week

Whether you are still working from home or have returned to the normalcy of fighting rush hour traffic as you work your way towards retirement, the worst part of having a job is trying to figure out what is for dinner every night of the week! Throw in kids that are picky eaters, a vegetarian partner, and a built-in resentment at always having to be the one who makes said dinner, and many of your evenings begin with angry mutters as you stare in the refrigerator wondering what you can make with a half-spoiled tomato, two questionable eggs, and that block of cheese that may have something green growing on one end. Instead, you can take the easy route and start browsing the meal choices we offer at Fresh Taste Meal Prep and change the way you look at meal making forever! This guide to some of our favorite sweet & savory meals will help make the choice easy, and if you are tired of eating sandwiches every day for lunch, order some extra meals to enjoy at the noon hour.

A Taste of the South

If you have ever given it any thought, you may have realized that Southerners really know how to eat, and our Southern Jambalaya is the perfect example! Made with braised chicken, smoky sausage, and green peppers, the brown rice cooked in a roasted tomato sauce adds a healthy and filling finishing touch. Go all out and serve with iced sweet tea, and if your kids suddenly start saying “y’all” and “bless your heart,” well, it is better than fighting, isn’t it? This dish freezes well, so order extra, and because it is a tasty dish to enjoy mid-day, you should not be surprised if your coworkers start sniffing in your direction as its aroma wafts through the air!

Breakfast for Dinner

We are raised to believe that there should be rules about eating certain things at certain times, but we say it is time to throw out the rules and enjoy a good breakfast for dinner! Our Breakfast Tacos (also delicious at lunch!) are created from softly scrambled eggs mixed with spicy chorizo sausage, a blend of three cheeses, tomatillo salsa, and a side of roasted potatoes. If it is wrong to enjoy this tasty dish after 5 PM, well, we just do not want to be right!

Too Hot for Something Heavy?

Summer in the desert is brutal, as temperatures rise high into the triple digits and just the thought of consuming a heavy meal zaps our strength, but Fresh Taste Meal Prep has you covered in this instance as well! Offering a charcuterie box filled with imported meats and cheeses, artisanal crackers, jam, and dried fruit, the meal is light, savory, and perfect for a hot summer’s eve. Order extras to take to work for lunch or to enjoy as a snack in the middle of the morning—your appetite will be sated, and you will not feel over stuffed!

Something Special on a Weekday

When we do our own meal prep, we tend to fall into a pattern of cooking something quick, easy, and cheap, along the lines of sloppy joes on Monday, tuna fish sandwiches on Tuesday, and cereal for dinner on Wednesday. These options are boring, unimaginative, and definitely not special, but when you order from Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you can consider something exciting for a change! Our bacon wrapped pork loin is the perfect example, created with a fresh pork loin, caramelized onions, stewed granny smith apples, and sweet potato hash. Craving a little more for the big family meal? A side of balsamic roasted vegetables goes with just about any of the Fresh Taste Meal prep meals we offer, guaranteeing that you will end the day feeling just the right amount of full!

Carnivores Will Be Happy

Sweet and savory comes together nicely in our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak! Using only the best cuts of meat that we have marinated in a garlic and tabasco—adding a touch of heat that we desert dwellers seem to crave in all our meals—and served with roasted brussels sprouts glazed with honey mustard, this special meal doesn’t need a special occasion to be enjoyed because it tastes just as good on an ordinary Tuesday night as it does during a birthday celebration!

Pescatarian Delight

The world is made up of a variety of appetites, and one that we don’t see too often in the desert is the pescatarian lifestyle. For those who don’t know what pescatarian is, it’s a dietary choice in which people don’t eat meat, but they do consume fish, and our citrus glazed salmon is the perfect work day choice for those living the lifestyle! Starting with a fresh piece of salmon glazed with citrus, it is served with quinoa, stir fried zucchini, and yellow squash. This delicious meal is one of our favorites, and if you crave salmon, grab it while it is still on the menu!

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