Our Favorite Meals for Corporate Customers

Corporate life has never been as stressful as it is right now, as hardworking employees are hard to find and shortages in just about everything you need in life lead to angry customers, but you are one of the lucky ones. Your employees have stayed loyal, transitioning from working in office to telecommuting from home and back to office work again with nary a complaint. During the most uncertain of times, you knew you could count on each and every one of your staff members to show up and work hard, and now that life is moving back to a semblance of normalcy, you want to do something for them to show your appreciation. Your respect and gratefulness will be much appreciated when you choose Fresh Taste Meal Prep to feed your loyal workers! Order a bunch of different meals to be kept in the workplace refrigerator and freezer to be reheated and enjoyed whenever needed or start a monthly/weekly/bimonthly employee appreciation team meeting that includes all the meals they will love to eat! This guide to some of our favorite meals for corporate customers will ensure that they continue to work hard for you even in the most difficult of times.

Friday Breakfast Club

Fridays are a hard day to come to work as everyone is already making their plans for the weekend, so starting a Friday breakfast club and offering a choice of Breakfast Tacos or our Breakfast Plate will perhaps give your corporate employees the incentive to NOT start the weekend early! The breakfast tacos come with spicy chorizo, scrambled eggs, three-cheese blend, and a side of breakfast potatoes. The green salsa that also accompanies this beloved Southwestern dish is always a hit, as are the soft tortillas that embrace the eggs and meat! Our breakfast plate offers much of the same, while substituting applewood smoked bacon for the chorizo and deleting the tortillas and is really a perfect way to start a Friday when you really don’t want to be on the job!

Avoid the 3 O’clock Slump

It happens everyday like clockwork; the 3 o’clock hour arrives and it’s as if a blanket of exhaustion has been dropped over every member of your crew. Timed lights turn off, (no one is moving from their seats) eyes become red rimmed and droopy, and if you listen carefully, you may just hear the light snuffles of employees unwittingly falling asleep at their desks! Our charcuterie boxes, made with imported meats and cheeses, artisanal crackers, jam, and dried fruit can help perk your employees right up, so be sure to keep a large supply on hand—you can order fresh boxes every week—and watch your workers become happy and busy again!

Fast Food Every Day? Not in Your Office!

As fast food prices go up and the quality goes down, you can almost see the negative affect the food has on your employees, and even those with the best of intentions forget to pack their lunches on a regular basis. But if you purchase a selection of Fresh Taste Meal Prep dishes to always have on hand, you can improve moral (and health!) as each worker finds their way to the corporate kitchen for something delicious to enjoy at lunchtime! Our menu is always changing, so not all these meals will be available every time you order, but don’t worry, whatever we substitute your favorite meals with promises to be equally delicious.

As fall temperatures drop and flu season grows closer, nothing beats a hot bowl of soup, and our Chicken Noodle Soup offers many benefits! Made from a hearty mixture of chicken broth, real chicken pieces, thick chunks of roasted vegetables, and of course, thick noodles that taste like grandma’s, this seasonal favorite is guaranteed to be your employees’ new obsession! Speaking of noodles, our Beef Stroganoff has ALWAYS been an employee favorite, created with even thicker noodles topped flat iron beef, horse radish cream, caramelized mushrooms, and beef demi-glaze. This meal freezes beautifully, so feel free to purchase plenty of extras to enjoy whenever the need arises; your employees will definitely thank you for offering this creamy perk to your workplace!

Finally, this week we have added a new dish to our menu, our Barbecue Chicken Bowls made with braised chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, grilled sweet corn, and coleslaw, a dish that will have your employees crying Kentucky who as they devour every delicious bite!

The Premise Is Simple for Our Arizona Meal Prep

Pick your delivery date, choose your meals, and place your order before Thursday at 3 to enjoy the next week! Order these Arizona meal prep dishes, or any of our other fantastic foods today and earn the eternal gratitude of all who work for you!


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