Our cravings can be an odd thing, and at times can cause us to want some interesting combinations of flavors that we might not normally crave. For instance, one may crave something rich with an undertone of sweetness and just a sprinkle of saltiness; however, at the same time one may also crave something fresh, rejuvenating, and green. Well, if you find yourself in this position, or are just looking for something unique to try and off the beaten path, then read on about our delicious Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups!

The Creation

With chicken perfectly cooked and seasoned with a variety of Thai seasonings, these fresh bites are sure to make your mouth water and have you craving more. Mixed in with the succulent taste of Thai Chicken, you’ll find the flavors and textures of roasted peanuts, shaved carrots, and celery, all atop a cool, crispy leaf of iceberg lettuce, giving this meal a mixture of the sweet savory flavor of Thai chicken, but with the refreshing crunch of lettuce and celery. This makes this the perfect meal for a spring or summer day.

Why This?

When you dig into a dish of our Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups, you’ll find this meal not only delicious and unique, but also healthy when one considers other options available to us. Furthermore, due to their small size, they make for the perfect sharing plate if you are looking for a cozy evening meal with a significant other, or a fantastic side dish for your family to enjoy as they sit around the table chatting and discussing whatever happens to be on everyone’s mind at the moment. To top everything off, you’ll find that this meal is made without any dairy in it, ensuring that anyone sensitive to lactose or those who refrain from dairy for personal beliefs can still enjoy this delicious, complex, and flavor dish. If anyone partaking in these happens to be a vegetarian, fear not for you can still taste the mouthwatering flavors by substituting the chicken with grilled tofu.

So, if you find your mouth watering and your mind transfixed by the complex flavors described herein, then make sure you inquire about this and further meals we’ve created by contacting Fresh Taste Meal Prep at (602) 376-7966 or ordering your meals online today!