Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Finding out what to eat for your daily meals may seem like an overwhelming task. It is especially true when you are trying to find wholesome balanced meals that can offer both taste and nutrition. When you pick healthy meals that incorporate a wide array of ingredients without compromising on the taste, you have hit a jackpot. This is how you will feel when you order meals from our Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We have many options of fresh tasty meals with signature flavors and tried-and-tested recipes. One popular dish that comes to mind is the yummy Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. Sample one bite from this delicious bowl and remember the taste for a lifetime.

A Bowl of Goodness

Many exciting elements combine to form the colorful, flavorful, and undoubtedly wonderful bowl of Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.  A famous Asian gourmet wonder, it has the goodness of sautéed chicken mixed with rice and fresh vegetables. Flavored with the traditional and unique Teriyaki sauce, the chicken bowl has an appealing charm of its own. The teriyaki sauce poses as the star of the dish, enhancing the meat, rice, and vegetables to a whole new level. The sauce consists of four basic components namely soy sauce, sake, sugar, and ginger. Each ingredient imparts a characteristic essence to the delicious sweet sauce. As the meat is marinated in this appetizing sauce, it soaks all the flavor and gives you a mouthwatering meal till the last bite.

The Signature Charm of a Famous Delicacy

This traditional Japanese recipe is relished due to its distinctive flavor profile. By combining base ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and rice, the bowl ensures that you get an adequate portion of nutrients. It strives to balance taste with nutrition, without compromising on the health benefits. An exciting way to add vegetables into your diet, it commonly has broccoli, carrots, and onions. When you choose the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, you are choosing a balanced meal with a magical treat of the teriyaki sauce. Enjoy a guilt-free delicacy as it has healthy brown rice to the mix.

Find the Exciting Ingredients

So, what can you expect to find in your meal of Teriyaki Chicken Bowl? Get ready to savor a balanced portion that includes 6 oz chicken, 2 cups of brown rice, 2 oz sweet teriyaki sauce, 3 oz broccoli, and 2 oz carrot. It also includes seasoning of sesame seeds that adds a finishing touch to the dish. The marinated chicken can surprise you with flavors that last right till the end. You can make this flavorful bowl vegetarian by substituting the chicken with grilled tofu. The grilled tofu is also marinated with teriyaki sauce, turning into a fantastic veggie option. One of the biggest advantages of ordering this option is that it can freeze well and be ready for you whenever you are ready to dig in the bowl.

Contact us today at Fresh Taste Meal Prep and order the best food meal delivery for an unforgettable gourmet affair. The hot and sizzling Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is all yours when you want it.