Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Scampi

Twirling your fork has never been so satisfying. The ultimate in Italian food, our Shrimp Scampi, meets all the requirements for prime comfort food when you take into consideration it’s rich buttery sauce, soft pasta, and decadent shrimp to boot. Sometimes a good home cooked meal (cooked by someone else) is exactly what you need to feed your body and your soul.   

Fresh Taste 

Using only the finest of ingredients, Executive Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio is ecstatic to offer you his rendition of this popular favorite. Quality shrimp are cooked to perfection in a creamy garlic white wine butter sauce, which is then served over Pappardelle pasta and cherry tomatoes. With a side of sautéed spinach, you’ve hit all the important food groups while also getting your tastebuds to sing for joy.  

For anyone following a gluten free diet, rest assured that you don’t have to fast from pasta. Fresh Taste offers a gluten free substitute that even the pickiest of eaters agree is just as delicious as the original recipe. This dish can also be made vegetarian.  

For customers that are keeping a close eye on their food intake, each Shrimp Scampi meal is prepared using: 5 shrimp, 1.5 cup pasta, 1 cup spinach, 1 oz white wine, 5 tbsp butter, 5 cherry tomatoes. 

No Fuss 

Making a pasta dish can be a lot of work. Boiling the water to cook the pasta almost always takes longer than you think it will, which can often lead to the other key ingredients getting done before you’re ready (hello cold spinach and chewy spinach). Or perhaps you open the bottle of white wine, but can you trust yourself to put some aside for the sauce? And even if you’re a master chef and perfect the art of assembling a supreme plate of shrimp scampi, there’s still the stack of pots and pans to contend with afterwards. Why not ditch the fuss and instead opt for an award-winning chef to prepare this delicious meal for you? No prep. No mess. No mistakes.  

Convenience You Can’t Beat 

Each Shrimp Scampi meal is specially prepared and placed into an individual serving size container for your convenience. It’s a cinch to heat up in the microwave whenever you’re ready to eat, making lunch time even easier for all your employees! And if you find you didn’t eat your Shrimp Scampi as soon as you thought you would, it freezes well and can be enjoyed at your convenience.