New Mexican Green Chile Burger

New Mexican Green Chile Burger

As you begin scrolling through our menus of deliciousness, it may be hard to get a true picture of the meal you are about to choose. Everyone knows the so-called “secrets” of food photography, and we have all been trained to not just accept what we see on the screen. We at Fresh Taste Meal Prep want to offer a closer examination of the meals we serve in hopes we can help make the final decision a little easier. Below, we want to tell you a little more about the savory New Mexican Chile Burger! 

A Flavor Explosion 

It is easy to tell you that the ingredients in this spicy burger are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible but painting a taste picture with words is a little trickier than you might think. Starting with the burger, you may be thinking a burger is a burger, but our burger blends are different, combining a blend of meats in such a way that when cooked, the flavor practically explodes in your mouth, and that happens before your taste buds begin to reveal the layers of flavors that are included with the New Mexican Chile Burger! The gooey perfection of cheddar cheese, the spicy taste of the distinctively wonderful roasted New Mexico hatch green chile, and the smooth yet fiery custom green chile aioli all gather together to create an extravaganza of taste! And because options are important, this burger can be delivered in a variety of ways; skip the cheese and make it dairy-free, avoid the gluten and substitute our gluten-free buns for just a dollar more, or, for the vegetarians in our midst, you too can enjoy all this flavor without sacrificing your values! Our beyond burger options add just $2 to the price and taste incredible. Served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, this special burger will turn an ordinary Tuesday night into an evening worth celebrating! 

Desert Dwellers Rejoice 

If you have spent any time in the Valley of the Sun, you may have noticed that your palate is changing; the tasty ingredients you have always enjoyed seem bland and unappealing, making the New Mexico Burger the perfect addition to your weekly menu! Great for those evenings following a long day of running your kids from place to place or order extra and serve them up at Saturday night pool party. Order one of our best meal prep options, the New Mexico Burger, by Thursday at 3 and you will be feasting on its delicious juiciness by Sunday or Monday!