Italiano Burger

Italiano Burger

The battle of the burgers continues with this old country favorite, the one and only Italiano Burger! Adding yet another touch of international delight to any meal, you will soon discover that this unique burger will be a favorite requested over and over again by kids and spouses alike, so be sure to order extra, as there is nothing sadder than opening your refrigerator door, expecting to be soon enjoying a spicy and flavorful Italiano Burger, only to discover your kids ate the last one. All our burgers are special, but this handheld brings back memories of our old Sicilian grandmas, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while the delicious scents waft throughout the house, making all our mouths water! 

The Ingredients Are Where We Differ 

Many of you, especially those who have not quite yet met the Italiano, may be thinking to yourself that a burger is just a burger, so what is so different about the ones offered by Fresh Taste Meal Prep? The answer is simple: We begin our burger process with the freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Fresh makes a difference, and your first bite into this burger promises to be an experience as the juices of our custom burger blend explode into your mouth, and as you venture further into the meal, each ingredient stands out without overpowering the star of the show. Fresh mozzarella aged to perfection (as all excellent cheeses should be), tomatoes straight from the vine, matching the burger in their juiciness, a balsamic reduction that offers a touch of the tart makes you appreciate the sweet and salty combination of applewood smoked bacon, and finally, the piece de resistance, the creamy basil garlic aioli sauce that imbues the taste of Italy into every single bite! As with all our amazing burgers, substituting our gluten-free buns for the fluffy brioche ones for another $1, and picking the beyond burger for just another $2 allows even those with dietary restrictions the ability to enjoy this special burger; skip the mozzarella and make it dairy-free to complete the picture of excellence! Also served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, the Italiano Burger promises to be a prepped meal you never forget. 

Place Your Orders

We know you are busy, and we don’t want you to have to wait another week to try this amazing burger, so be sure to get your order in by Thursday, no later than 3 PM!