There is nothing wrong with a juicy steak or a salty pork chop perfectly grilled, or even a good piece of smoked salmon. However, while these are all lovely in their own right, none of them are quite the same as a helping of classic, simple, herb grilled chicken. This is one of those foods that is so simplistic, it truly is difficult to get it wrong. However, despite its simplicity, you’ll find that in this case, it is by no means a reflection of the complexity of its flavors, nor the perfection of the meal created by an expert hand. So, read on about our take on the classic yet delicious Herb Grilled Chicken!

The Meal

You’ll find here 6 oz of chicken, marinated in a variety of seasonings and herbs before being perfectly grilled, searing in those juicy flavors that will have you craving more. Served along with this perfectly prepared protein, you’ll find a helping of steamed broccoli, zucchini, and red pepper drizzled with a special lemon sauce. This a perfect healthy meal for those who are conscious of their health and looking for something low in fat but high in flavor.

Why This One and Not Another?

You’ll find that this classic meal has many appeals beyond that of its flavor and expert preparation. For one, we all like to experiment and try new things every now and then, but we all have had a case where it didn’t turn out well and we either must finish the meal or deal with the mixture of hunger mixed with the pangs of regret. So, there is comfort in getting a classic meal that you can surely guess the flavor of, ensuring no risks are taken and one can simply look forward to a long-loved food. Further, you’ll find that chicken is not only quite delicious, but you’ll find it a low fat, high protein option for those looking for a delicious meal that’s easy on the waistline. Further, for those who aren’t a fan of meat, or can’t partake for a variety of reasons, rest assured you can still enjoy the meal with a slab of grilled tofu in place of the chicken. This ensures everyone can partake in the complex flavors and the fresh crunch of side vegetables. So, make sure you don’t hesitate and miss out on this classic dinner food that is sure to have you ordering again upon finishing the last bite.

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