When it comes to finding a variety of weekly meals that are perfect for home or work, you simply can’t get better than our selection at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We offer a wide variety of meal prep ideas that rotate with the week. Our selection uses fresh ingredients that are prepared just the way you like them. One of our local favorites is the Grilled Bavette Steak. This item brings the steakhouse experience to the comfort of your home or office with its juicy steak and tasty sides. Take a look at what this option provides:

Delicious Steak and More

Steak is always a great protein option to go with your meal but sometimes it can be tricky to make for meal prep. If you do not prepare the steak just right, it can be left dry and without flavor. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, our steak is just as delicious reheated as it is served fresh. Our Grilled Bavette Steak is grilled to perfection and then dressed with a five-onion vinaigrette. It also comes with herb roasted smashed new potatoes and steamed broccoli. Since it comes with a dressing, our Grilled Bavette Steak can also be easily frozen to save for future dates. Our vegetarian and vegan friends can sub out the steak for our grilled tofu. The dish is dairy free, making it more accessible than ever. You have plenty of options when you choose this tasty dish!

More Fun at Taste Fresh Meal Prep

Our Grilled Bavette Steak is just one of many options on our weekly menu at Taste Fresh Meal Prep. No one wants to be stuck with the same entrée meal after meal. By letting us whip up your meal prep, you can pick and choose all kinds of entrees we have on the menu. Best of all, our menu changes each week so you can mix it up and try something new. Each item is made with only fresh ingredients for a mouthwatering experience with every bite.

These options are a great choice for corporate meal plans. Purchase meals to have on hand for your employees to eat at their leisure or plan a team lunch with hot and ready to eat meals!

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Meal prep has never tasted as good as it does with our selection at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. You can place your order today to have it ready by Monday of the following week. All orders are due by Thursday each week and can easily be placed online. Order today and see what our meal prep is all about.