If you have been looking for the perfect meal that tastes fresh with every bite, you need to try out our selection at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. Our selection of meal prep items is second to none and is always changing. You will find unique dishes on the menu that showcase a variety of flavors. One popular dish we continue to offer is our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak. This amazing option is full of heat and flavor, perfect for the individual who loves a little spice to their meal. Take a look at how this dish stacks up against the rest:

Tabasco Marinated Steak

When you prepare steak for meal prep, it all comes down to how it is cooked. Amateurs may overcook their steak, leaving it dry and flavorless. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we make sure that your entrée is juicy, and every bite is just as great as the last. Our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak is marinated in garlic and Tabasco sauce before it is grilled. This leaves the steak juicy and full of flavor. It comes with a side of roasted brussels sprouts that are covered in a honey mustard glaze. We can always mix up your dish too if you follow a vegetarian of vegan diet. The steak can be subbed out for grilled tofu that is just as delicious. You will be amazed at how delicious this meal is!

Plenty of Options to Pick From

Our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak is not the only favorite entrée on our selection of meals. We offer a weekly menu that features rotating favorites and new items. We make sure to mix it up so our customers do not have to stick with the same dish time after time (but you can always do that too!). We offer plenty to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you have to do is pick out how many you want and try not to eat them all in one sitting!

Corporate Lunches

Our meal prep options make a great choice to have available to your employees. Simply place an order to have meals ready to eat on hand at any time, or order for an in-office employee lunch, team building, and more!

Place Your Order Today

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your meals from Fresh Taste Meal Prep. Our selection of meal prep is a game changer, including our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak. Place your order by Thursday of each week to have your meal preps ready the following Monday. Pickup is always at Aioli Burger, making it extremely easy to get your meals for the week. We also offer delivery options!