Aioli Burger

Aioli Burger

It is usually the ones you know the longest that bring you the greatest happiness in life, and our burgers are no exception! The Aioli Burger is where we got our start, and it is probably the first one you tried, but perhaps it is time to re-introduce you to its fabulousness. Comforting and hearty, this beautiful burger does not just fill your stomach, it feeds a part of your soul that you did not know was hungry. Old friends are the best friends, and the Aioli Burger is an old friend that will never let you down!  

Hello Again

As you stare down at the marvel that is the Aioli Burger, you already know how it will feel in your hands as you lift it towards your mouth, and how that first bite will taste. The juicy warmth of our custom burger blend always seems to explode with flavor, and although the toppings are made from the same ingredients you may have in your own refrigerator, their savory deliciousness will make you feel as if this is the first time you have sampled this particular combination, even if it is more likely that it is the hundredth time you have devoured this old friend! Offering the perfect way to break up your day when enjoyed at lunch or the best way we know of ending a day filled with meetings and exasperation, the aged sharp cheddar melts nicely on to the patty—choose the Beyond burger option for just $2 more if you follow the vegetarian lifestyle—and the toppings we pile on are guaranteed to be fresh. Crisp lettuce that has been locally sourced and applewood smoked bacon that will make your taste buds cheer are just the beginning of wonderful! We follow up the bacon with caramelized onions that offer a tangy sweetness, vine ripe tomatoes bursting with juices, and of course, our roasted garlic aioli. Tucked between two brioche buns, or gluten free buns for those with dietary restrictions, there really is no need for improvement because every bite is a party in your mouth that you hope will never have to end! Served with roasted sweet potatoes, the goodness just keeps going with our Aioli Burger, and we haven’t heard any complaints yet.  

Easy as 1, 2, 3 

The best part of ordering our Aioli Burger is knowing that someone else does the prep work; all you need to do is submit your order online, choose between pick-up and delivery through our meal prepping service, and ENJOY! Order yours before Thursday and have it in your mouth by Monday at the absolute latest.