Chicken Tinga Tacos

Chicken Tinga Tacos

You may have heard the old phrase, “Man cannot live on burgers alone, but give him a taco and THAT he can eat every day!” If not, it could be because we just made it up! All jokes aside, Fresh Taste Meal Prep is about to introduce you to the meal that could possibly change your life, our Chicken Tinga Tacos! Don’t wait for Taco Tuesday to sample this delicious meal item, because quite frankly, we believe that Taco Tuesday should be every day of the week! This brief introduction to the wonder that is our Chicken Tinga Tacos will have you craving them before you have finished the last words on the page. 

The Ultimate Handheld 

Tacos are pretty much the perfect handheld dish, and our Chicken Tinga Tacos take the art to the next step of wonderful! Created with perfectly braised chicken and topped with a creamy and rich avocado crema, it is the mango salsa that adds a beautiful and tasteful sweet heat that will bring a smile to your stomach. Corn tortillas add the finishing touch to this special taco, and even though tacos are designed to be a meal in themselves, we serve this dish with a side of Mexican rice to ensure that even the heartiest of appetites will be sated. As we discussed earlier, even though Taco Tuesday comes just once a week, our Chicken Tinga Tacos are perfect any day of the year! Celebrate good grades with your kids or revel in the peace and quiet when the kids are playing at friends with a chicken tinga meal washed down with your favorite beverage. White wine goes best with chicken, but we happen to think that tequila goes wonderfully with tacos, so why not whip up a batch of frosty margaritas and enjoy both poolside on the hottest days of summer?  

Have We Convinced You Yet?

These tacos are as close to perfect as you can imagine, and if you can’t envision your life without their savory flavors in it, the solution is quite simple! Taking only three steps and a bit of patience, you can be eating your own Chicken Taco Tacos by Sunday if you submit your order by Thursday at 3 PM. Choose your meals, decide between delivery and in store pick-up, and enjoy every single bite—order yours today with our meal prep in Scottsdale and the rest of the valley!