While we live in a new era filled with health consciousness and the dangers of a bad diet, let’s face it: We all love food! While we may have different tastes from each other, we can’t deny the fact that, at the very least, food plays a large role in our lives. So, when we find a recipe that is both healthy and tastes good, our ears perk up. Well, that is sure the case with our Chicken Salad with Lettuce Wraps!

What Even Is It?

We all have memories of a barbeque, wither it be for a large occasion for something special, or a spur of the moment cookout in your backyard. Well, what side dish is more of a staple of an old school cookout then a helping of chicken salad? Well, what you will find here is your typical beloved side dish, but this meal has its own unique spin on it that changes it from an occasional cookout treat to a meal that is both delicious and healthy.

Okay…So What’s in it?

In this healthy twist on the old school classic, you’ll find a creamy and delicious chicken salad made from raisins, celery, and walnuts with perfectly cooked chicken thrown in. All of this is then presented in a healthy and refreshing lettuce wrap. If you are a vegetarian, the chicken can easily be substituted with grilled tofu should you so choose, making this a great choice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Why Get It?

As we have mentioned, chicken salad is a staple of a good cookout, if not a good representation of the beloved days of summer vacation when refrigerated foods are eaten in mass. However, you’ll be able to enjoy this without all the extra carbs that can come along with it, whether from bread or other sides. To make this comfort food a good choice for anyone looking to keep an eye on their health, it is not only presented within a delightful lettuce wrap, but you’ll also find a side of steamed cauliflower, thus providing a healthy meal that won’t just bring up some nostalgia but also have you craving more once that last bite is consumed and the meal complete.

If this mixture of healthy ingredients and juicy chicken has your mouth watering, or has your mind intrigued for what else might be available, make sure you contact Fresh Taste Meal Prep by calling us at (602) 376-7966 or checking out our weekly menu online!