Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata

Savor flavorsome meals with a richness of taste and goodness of nutrients at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We strive to offer variety, quality, and happiness through our packaged recipes of different types. From Asian cuisine to Mexican delights, regional flavors to international spices, we have diversity in our kitchen. Take advantage of delicious meals made with the choicest ingredients. We pay close attention to everything from the main component to the accompaniment, ensuring a well-balanced flavorful story on your plate. If you are craving a traditional Italian delicacy, you can relish Chicken Piccata that has so many elements clubbed into a signature dish.

Defining the Delight

Chicken Piccata is an Italian recipe that consists of sliced and sautéed chicken mixed with flour and cooked to perfection. The sautéed chicken absorbs lots of flavors and delivers a delightful experience to the taste buds. The traditional meaning of piccata refers to pounded or flat meat that can soak up all the flavors, turning it into a delicious entrée. It is served with a unique sauce made of lemon, spices, and butter. The signature lemon caper sauce has the freshness of lemon juice mixed with flavor-enhancing garlic and capers. Finally, the sauce is mixed with butter to add a characteristic glaze and shine. As the chicken breast is seasoned with flour and cooked in olive oil or butter, you can expect an explosion of flavors. It has the goodness of texture, flavor, and aroma mingling into an absolute delicacy.

Finding the Hidden Gem

When a recipe has the perfect combination of meat, vegetables, spices, and delicious butter, it has taken care of every requirement for your palette. Chicken Piccata celebrates the softness and juiciness of a tender chicken breast. The key lies in flattening it to an even thickness. After pounding it flat with a tenderizer, you can expect a uniform flavor profile. Cooking in olive oil or butter brings out the hidden flavors and transforms into an unforgettable menu item that is repeatable by all means. You will return for the complete package of meat, roasted vegetables, and a source of starch such as potatoes, pasta, or rice.

Dive into the Dish

When it is time to dig into the most awaited meal of Chicken Piccata, you will greet a colorful plate with magical ingredients. Each portion has 6 oz sautéed chicken breast cooked in garlic caper lemon sauce. It also has butter, 1 cup roasted vegetables, 1 cup mashed potatoes, and 0.5 cup cream. It is possible to customize the order for vegetarians. We can substitute the chicken breast with grilled tofu, while everything else remains the same. The grilled tofu absorbs all the freshness of the lemon sauce for a delightful treat.

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