Chicken Philly Steak

Chicken Philly Steak

If you think about simple, appetizing, and exciting weekly meal items, you won’t want to miss the Chicken Philly Steak. A delicious, satisfying, and unique sandwich, this meal option can attend to your demanding taste buds while also bringing a smile to your stomach. If this mouthwatering option is brought to you with careful attention to the ingredients and recipe, you would relish it without a single pause. Make this happen by ordering your next meal at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We have plenty of gourmet menu items on our list. We aim to deliver wholesome and nutritious meals by embracing a variety of recipes. From fast food options to regionally inspired dishes, from cultural delicacies to global wonders, you can find it all on your plate.

Check Out This Wonderful Delicacy

Originated in the city of Philadelphia, the Chicken Philly Steak is a regional masterpiece with a flavorful profile. There are many delicious players that unite together into a tasty output. A Chicken Philly Steak is a sandwich made inside a long bread called a hoagie roll. These are the signature bread components that give uniqueness to the Philly steak. The bread rolls are long, cylindrical, soft, and salted. Inside the roll, you can find pieces of sliced meat cooked along with cheese. The defining aspect of a cheesesteak is the melted cheese that mixes along with the meat, turning it into a delicious combination. The Chicken Philly Steak has pieces of chicken blended with melted cheese transformed into deliciousness. It can be relished with tasty additions like onions and peppers.

Impossible to Resist

Any form of a sandwich can satisfy our hunger. And if the sandwich is in the form of sliced meat mixed with cheese, there is no reason to say no. It turns into a tasty yet nutritious option because it has protein and carbohydrates. Consider the cheese as your well-deserved reward after work and savor it without a second thought. Every ingredient is essential as it puts its own unique touch. Like the sautéed onions and peppers enhance the flavor profile with its characteristic twist. Gulp down the sandwich with ketchup, mustard sauce, or hot sauce and you will definitely crave more.

Inside the Wonderland

It is tempting to open the hoagie roll and check out the wonders inside. Every sandwich has 6 oz of shaved chicken breast, 2 oz of sautéed onions, 2 oz peppers, 3 oz provolone cheese inside a long French roll. It is served with a cup of delicious herb potatoes. We can make a gluten-free option by using a gluten-free bun instead of the French roll.

Get ready for a mouthwatering meal that will vanish within a short time. Check out the Chicken Philly steak and many more exciting recipes at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We are one of the top corporate meal plan companies in the valley and look forward to serving you!