Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

The classic dishes we grew up with are often complicated to make and take up too much of our valuable time to recreate, but when you have a friend on your side like Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you do not have to worry about your kids missing out on some of your favorite flavors! Our Chicken Parmesan is the perfect example, offering a taste of the old country that your entire family will fall in love with, and when you take off the lids, pop them in the microwaves, and hit the start button, the aromas that waft through your house will make your family believe you have been slaving over a hot stove for hours

The Flavors

Some ingredients were just made to go together, and when we start with our lightly breaded chicken breasts, you know we are heading in the direction of good taste. The breasts are baked to a golden hue and then topped with a perfectly spiced marinara sauce, followed by a creamy and flavorful mozzarella parmesan cheese blend. Served with a tangy blend of balsamic grilled vegetables, there is nothing about this old country dish we do not absolutely love, and we think you will agree, falling in love at first bite! The flavors in our Chicken Parmesan cover all the high spots, offering a richness to the meal, and this dish will be loved by the pickiest eaters in your family. Even though you may feel as if this meal is more designed for special occasions, a birthday, anniversary, or even a graduation celebration, we say do not wait for an event to enjoy this classic dish; open a bottle of your favorite red wine and make an ordinary Wednesday an occasion to remember! On the other hand, our Chicken Parmesan freezes wonderfully, so go ahead an order extra to ensure you always have a feast on hand. You never know when your best girlfriend is going to get engaged, your kid’s baseball team is going to win a nail-biter, or when you will get your next promotion, and having a freezer filled with Chicken Parmesans mean you will always have the ingredients for a special occasion, no matter how impromptu it may be! 

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