Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

Sometimes it is fun to learn about the origins of different foods, especially as you look at the common egg and wonder who thought that would be good to eat? Not all dishes that we eat, however, come from questionable beginnings, and our Chicken Marsala is a prime example. Originating in Sicily in the 19th century, you may be surprised to learn that it was English families who came up with the idea, but we salute whoever was the smart chef who looked at a bunch of wildly different ingredients and thought they would go well together! We have worked hard to put our own Fresh Taste spin on the dish while keeping close to the tradition. 

You Had Us at Wine Butter Sauce 

The anatomy of a chicken is such that nearly every part of it tastes incredible, but the extra tenderness and juiciness of the thigh region may be our favorite part and is also how we start our Chicken Marsala! Braising the thighs breaks down the muscles of the meat, making it even more tender than it naturally is, and when we sauté the thighs in a rich wine butter sauce, the aromas that waft throughout our kitchens are absolutely tantalizing. Adding sauteed mushrooms to the mixture is a logical next step, as is the creamy mashed potatoes we serve with the marsala! Finally, in a nod to good taste and good health, a perfectly prepared serving of asparagus gives your family a huge percentage of the daily recommended allotment of Vitamins A, C, E & K, proving once again that healthy eating can be delicious!  

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