There are many staples of American cuisine, and many of those are quite diverse in when and where they can be served. However, one that sits close to many hearts and can be found on diner menus around the world is the good old fashioned Chicken Friend Steak. No matter where you happen to live, you’re almost assured to have at least seen this mouthwatering creation. If you’re like many and enjoy the classics, then make sure you read on about our Chicken Fried Steak!

The Dish

There are times when fancy ingredients and techniques truly can’t stand up to the power of simplicity. Chicken Fried Steak is one of those where very little must be added in order to make it a classic favorite, and our take on the meal is no different. You’ll find a 6 oz. cut of chicken steak slathered in the spicy, yet rich flavors of black peppercorn gravy. Served alongside you’ll find a helping of classic mashed potatoes placed beside a serving of juicy sweet corn. This meal is a perfect dinner for someone looking to get a bit of all the food groups and enjoy a country classic.

Why This One?

We admit we have many unique and special dishes that will make you feel as if you have a private chef cooking for you in a fine establishment. While this meets all the quality you’d expect from us, it’s simplicity and classic nature make it a go-to for many people. We all like routine, and sometimes we want to have something we are familiar with that is a comfort food for us. This is where our Chicken Fried Steak shines, as it has all the familiarity of a close friend, yet we’ve added just enough of a twist to keep true to its nature while also making it unique in its own right. However, due to the protein being a rather large staple of this meal, there is unfortunately no vegan or vegetarian substitute, but don’t worry, as we have plenty of other meals for you to choose from that can be substituted.

If your stomach is already growling in anticipation of our take on this classic country meal, make sure you inquire about this and other delicious meals and classics we offer by calling Fresh Taste Meal Prep at (602) 376-7966 or ordering your meals online today!