We all like to eat healthy, or at least eat healthier than what we normally might. However, it seems that many healthy foods lack a bit of the flavor and raw pleasure that a big greasy hamburger can give. However, one exception to this is the classic Chicken Caesar Salad. This has long since been a staple of healthy foods, while also easily being just as delicious and crave-worthy as any salty and greasy meal would. Well, when you take the first bite of our special take on this classic, you will forget any thoughts of chips or guilty pleasure foods as you lose yourself in our Chicken Caesar Salad!

Behind the Chicken

In our Chicken Caesar, you will find 6 oz of perfectly grilled chicken atop crunchy and crisp pieces of romaine lettuce. Along with this, you will find a generous helping of juicy cherry tomatoes, sharp parmesan cheese, and crunchy garlic croutons. Drizzled atop and tying together all these individual flavors into the unique one we all love is creamy Caesar dressing. All together you will find that our Chicken Caesar Salad isn’t just healthy and full of vegetables, but also packed to the brim with flavor, making this the perfect lunch for anyone and everyone.

The Benefits

We understand that not everyone gets quite as excited when they hear about a meal with meat, whether this be due to health reasons or personal belief. Well, we have you covered if this is the case, as we are more then happy to substitute the chicken with grilled tofu, truly ensuring that everyone can enjoy the rich flavors of our Caesar Salad. To further this point, for those of you with special diets, never fear, for the meal can be made fully gluten free!

In addition to this being a good meal choice for anyone and everyone, it is also one of those meals that is perfect no matter if it’s a hot summer day with the sun beating down upon you, or a cool winter night. So, sit down, grab a fork, and prepare to be carried away by the familiar and much-loved flavors of Chicken Caesar salad.

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