Chicken & Broccoli

Chicken & Broccoli

Find a permanent solution to a permanent question, “What’s for dinner?” Check out the many options for meals at Fresh Taste Meal Prep, where we are excited to serve you delicious wonders. We work with the finest quality ingredients and use the best recipes for all our meal options. You can find a wide variety of cuisines inspired by ideas from around the world. From Mexican delights to Italian classics, Asian wonders to American regional options, we have it all. For instance, order the popular Chicken & Broccoli and wait for an explosion of flavors.

Relish the Unforgettable Taste

If nutrition and taste are the primary requirements in your checklist, you can tick them off in the recipe of Chicken & Broccoli. The delicacy has tender chicken pieces cooked in a ginger soy sauce. As the sauce oozes out some unique flavors, it can coat the chicken pieces uniformly. What you get is a gourmet orchestra between different flavors that highlight the dish. It enhances the tender chicken to a whole new gourmet level. The main ingredient in this dish is the signature ginger soy sauce. It has the right balance of tangy, savory, and spicy flavors with an earthy touch of ginger. Besides the chicken, it contains broccoli that is also cooked with a delicious sauce. You can experience the freshness of broccoli with an appetizing make-over of the sauce.

A Gourmet Wonder Without Any Doubt

Take advantage of a complete flavor profile when you relish Chicken & Broccoli. The protein content from meat and vitamin and mineral content from the broccoli give you a nutrient-dense delicacy. It is impossible to resist the flavors of the ginger soy sauce. As the chicken and broccoli are cooked with the sauce, it coats the entire surface. After some time, as the sauce enters into the tender chicken pieces, you will realize that the dish is now complete with its charm. It is paired with healthy and fresh brown rice. The rice grains can borrow the flavors from the sauce and impart a satisfying feeling of a wholesome meal.

Order a Memory for a Lifetime

If you relish an appetizing meal that strikes the right chords in your heart, soul, and stomach- the job is well done. Not to forget the unforgettable experience for the taste buds as you will surely remember the memory of yummy Chicken & Broccoli for days on end. One portion of the delicacy contains 6 oz chicken, 3 oz broccoli, 2 oz sauce, 1 cup brown rice. If you prefer to go for a vegetarian or vegan choice, you can substitute the chicken with grilled tofu. The sauce can coat the tofu, ensuring a unique twist.

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