Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl

Given the nature of the unique melting pot that is the U.S, there is an untold variety of different types of cuisine ranging from Chinese to Indian and all in between. However, thanks to its proximity to us, many Americans have found a deep love of Mexican food and the flavors from south of the border. We understand this well, and for that reason we have the perfect meal for you if you are craving the complex flavors that is Mexican food. Learn more about our Burrito Bowl below!

A Breakdown

In our burrito bowls, you will find a plethora of different toppings and flavors that come together to make this delicious meal. You’ll find perfected cooked chicken tinga served over fluffy brown rice and delicious black beans. This wonderous concoction is then topped with a generous helping of crunchy lettuce, a sharp yet smooth Mexican cheese blend, and the refreshing coolness of pico de gallo to round the entire thing out. This results in a delicious meal that is perfect for any day, any occasion, or any time of year.

A Reason to Crave

While it goes without saying that our burrito bowls are quite the treat, there are several other reasons to indulge in it. We understand that not everyone can eat a behemoth of a meal in one sitting, or that one might wish to save it in order to lighten up a day further down the line. Further, for those with special allergies or aversions due to personal belief, you will be delighted to know now only can this scrumptious meal be made dairy free, but you can also substitute the chicken for a generous helping of fajita vegetables, which are so flavorful you might just go that route for the taste alone! Finally, due to the nature of this meal, it makes for a great lunch if one is looking to enjoy their break in the fresh air on a trail somewhere. There won’t be any of the classic burrito nightmare of stained clothes due to the insides falling out. So, make sure you take the opportunity to not only relish the sharp flavors from south of the border, but also get a well-rounded meal that’s the perfect lunch for the busy individual or person on the go.

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