Breakfast Plate

Breakfast Plate

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ll take it one further and venture to say that the only thing better than having a delicious breakfast plate is having a delicious breakfast plate that someone else has prepared for you.  

Fresh Taste 

Fresh Taste Meal Prep has taken all of the work out of breakfast and instead offers you a delectable breakfast plate that’s ready to go. Prepared by Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio, a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, you can count on quality ingredients prepared and assembled in a way only a professional can do.  

Each breakfast plate is assembled with 3 fluffy scrambled eggs, 2 crispy pieces of applewood smoked bacon, 1/4 c three cheese blend, 3 oz of perfectly roasted potatoes, and a side of fresh salsa. We realize everyone’s tastes are different, which is why this meal can also be ordered dairy-free or vegetarian.  

No Fuss 

Assuming you have the time to cook yourself a gourmet breakfast, let us ask you this: How many times have you finished scrambling the eggs, only to realize that the potatoes looked done but aren’t actually cooked all the way through? You get so distracted trying to decide if you’re going to serve the eggs cold or try cooking them longer (chewy eggs… mmm…) that whoops, you forgot the bacon? Breakfast fail. While bacon and eggs may seem like a simple meal to pull together, for many of us the task is easier said than done. 

Or perhaps orchestrating all the moving parts of a full breakfast meal isn’t your problem. Maybe it’s the pots and pans stacked up in the kitchen afterwards that have you feeling like the day isn’t starting off as productive as you’d hoped. The egg pan, the potato pan, and oh the dreaded bacon pan… not to mention, will the smell of bacon grease in the kitchen, wafting through the hallways, ever go away? 

Let’s face it: some things are best left to the professionals. 

Convenience You Can’t Beat 

Fresh Taste Meal Prep has assembled the ingredients, exquisitely prepared it for you, and taken care of all the clean-up. Each of our breakfast plates are conveniently prepared to maximize the flavors when you reheat the meal at your convenience. Not only that, but our breakfast plates are easy to freeze, making it a delicious, healthy, and accessible meal for any time of the day.  Are your employees ready for a delicious lunch they’ll never forget? Contact us today and get started with our corporate meal plans!