Steak can be one of the tricky meal prep items to perfect for a meal that is meant to be reheated again. Oftentimes when someone cooks steak, it can easily overcook, getting rid of the flavorful juices that we enjoy in every bite. At Fresh Taste Meal Prep, we offer a selection of healthy and delicious meal prep items including our Blackened Steak. This spicy steak entrée is an incredible option to add to your weekly order and offers a true steakhouse experience. You will find only fresh and flavorful ingredients used in our meal prep items, including this new fan favorite.

Spicy BBQ Steak

Our Blackened Steak is the perfect addition to our weekly meal preps that you will be wanting day after day. This option is a 6-ounce steak, making it the perfect size for either lunch or dinner. The steak is marinated with a spicy BBQ sauce that helps create the perfect crust. Each is juicy and tender on the inside and spicy on the outside. The Blackened Steak also includes a side of roasted spring squash and a baked potato for that true steakhouse experience. We cater to all diets, including vegetarian and vegan diets. You can sub out the beef for a delicious grilled tofu, turning this meal into a meat free option that is healthy and tasty.

Weekly Meal Prep Menu

If you have ordered from Fresh Taste Meal Prep before, you might be aware that our meal prep selection tends to change week after week. We understand that our fans want to mix up their meals for something new and delicious each week. You will find that plenty of classic favorites and new items are available each week to choose from for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each meal prep uses fresh ingredients and will be flavorful bite after bite. Don’t let other imitators trick you into trying something that cannot compare to our tasty meals at Fresh Taste Meal Prep.

Perfect for Corporate Lunches

Our meals make the perfect addition to your company’s work experience. Have a variety of meals on hand for your employees to pick from and heat up at their leisure, or order a big batch of hot, ready to eat meals for a team lunch.

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