Black & Bleu Burger

Black & Bleu Burger

The next burger we would like to introduce you to may not be as well known as the Aioli or the Classic Aioli, but this dark stranger is guaranteed to become your new best friend at first bite! The Black & Bleu Burger, like all our Fresh Taste Meal Prep burgers offers the familiar feel of ordinary flavors that become extraordinary when blended together in such a special way. Adding a celebratory touch to a meeting with friends or a Saturday pool party, we can’t wait to watch you take that initial bite! 

Far from Basic 

You may not be surprised that the Black & Blue Burger is as far from basic as a burger can get, and as you examine the ingredients, you will immediately understand why! The custom burger blend (or Beyond burger) is the same base we build all our burgers on, but the construction details vary greatly. Once you have chosen your meat or vegetarian substitution and the bun in which we tuck the ingredients—gluten free versions are available for those with dietary restrictions—the real fun begins. First, we sprinkle a hearty handful of bleu cheese crumbles directly onto the patty, and then we add arugula on top of that; its crunchy goodness helps keep most of the bleu cheese on the patty where it belongs! To be honest, we could have stopped here and every diner would still have loved every bite, but when have you ever known us to stop at good enough? Following the arugula and bleu cheese with the savory and sweet applewood bacon, caramelized onions that also offer a sweet counterpart to the “bite” of the blue cheese, and what may become your most favorite of all our aioli blends, the black pepper aioli! Also served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, the variations we offer do not mess with the beauty of the flavors that blend together so perfectly, with the only exception being the bleu cheese. If you want to make this dairy free, the lack of bleu cheese DOES change the flavor significantly, but we make this solemn promise to our guests: The Black & Blue Burger still offers a kaleidoscope of flavors guaranteed to make your stomach sing a happy tune! 

Can’t Get Enough?

Knowing that all you have to do is submit your order makes these burgers taste even better, and if you think you will love this recipe, be sure to order extra in case of a burger emergency! Get your order in today from the best corporate meal prep company in the valley!