BBQ Chicken Bowl

BBQ Chicken Bowl

Nothing says satisfaction like a good, hearty bowl of BBQ delights. Like a BBQ Chicken Bowl filled with plenty of gourmet goodies. If you are excited to add this fantastic option to your weekly meals, you are at the right place. Order your meals with Fresh Taste Meal Prep and enjoy many such yummy dishes without a halt. We use high-quality and fresh ingredients to bring nothing but the best to your plate. Our menu options include a wide variety of cuisines from different places around the world. You can also find local delicacies that celebrate the culture and memories of a particular location.

A Signature Gourmet Delight

The word BBQ itself is enough to describe the surprises hidden in this bowl. It involves a particular cooking method called braising. The braised chicken can deliver a unique flavor profile that elevates the freshness of the chicken pieces. Braising is a two-step process involving dry and wet heat. First, the chicken is cooked in a pan at high temperature followed by slow cooking in a pot at low temperature. This combination of fast and slow cooking at different temperatures defines the characteristic taste of the BBQ chicken. While chicken is undoubtedly the star of the show, there are many flavorful additions to support the performance. Enjoy sides of cheesy mashed potatoes, grilled sweet corn, and coleslaw, while savoring every single bite to leave a clean plate.

Do Not Miss the Appetizing Touch

You can consider the BBQ Chicken Bowl as a balanced and complete meal as it has many nutritious constituents. What you can get is a wholesome experience with a satisfying experience for the stomach as well as the taste buds. The braised chicken is cooked in a pan at high temperature to bring out the juices inside the meat. When it is transferred to a pot with a liquid, it absorbs all the flavors and transforms into a mouthwatering end product. The crunchiness of grilled sweet corn, appetizing flavor of mashed potatoes, and creamy texture of delicious coleslaw come together for a delightful surprise.

What Is in the Bowl?

Open the box of BBQ Chicken Bowl to find overflowing deliciousness. When you order a BBQ Chicken Bowl, you will find 6 oz braised chicken, 1 cup mashed potatoes, 2 oz cheese, 0.5 cups grilled sweet corn, coleslaw made with 3 oz cabbage mixed in 1 cup mayonnaise. The portion is complete with all the required tasty delights and has lots of offers with every bite. If you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan substitution, you can replace the braised chicken with grilled tofu.

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