BBQ Cheeseburger

BBQ Cheeseburger

As the summer holidays roll around, you may be as excited as we are about getting together with your families and friends again after the long hiatus due to the pandemic. Because our summer holidays are patriotic ones—Memorial Day, 4th of July, and of course Labor Day—what could be more patriotic than an old-fashioned barbecue? No, we aren’t suggesting you stand out under the scorching desert sun in front of an even hotter grill, but we ARE suggesting that you add the Fresh Taste Meal Prep BBQ Cheeseburger to your online order the week before the big event! Offering that all-American taste that seems to taste even better when paired with an ice-cold beer, our BBQ cheeseburger is always a crowd pleaser.  

Happy Taste Buds

It is difficult to mess up a burger—the ingredients are simple—but it can be even more difficult to make the burger stand out, which is something we think we have accomplished with our BBQ Cheeseburger! We offer the choice of a brioche bun or gluten free one, and the choice between our tasty custom burger blend or the Beyond burger which tastes just like the real stuff but allows vegetarians to live the lifestyle they have chosen without compromise. These small steps may seem ordinary, but when you pair them with the fresh toppings (locally sourced, of course!) and unique blends, well, we somehow manage to exceed all your expectations. Featuring all of the ingredients you love, vine ripened tomatoes, crispy and chilled lettuce, delicious cheddar cheese (or go without, if dairy is an issue and enjoy a not so plain BBQ Burger!) crunchy dill pickles, and our signature aioli sauce, this time blended with a sweetly tangy barbecue sauce that will knock your socks off! Served, like all our delicious burgers are, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, the BBQ Cheeseburger is more than a dependable friend that you enjoy hanging out with; it is destined to be your ride or die choice that you will not want to live without!  

Everything That Is Awesome About a Burger

The reality is any of the burgers you order from our Fresh Taste Meal Prep online store is guaranteed to not just be delicious, but to offer everything that is awesome about the all-American burger. Juicy, fresh, and topped with high-quality ingredients, our burgers, including the BBQ Cheeseburger, are built to please. We offer Corporate meal prep in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the rest of the valley; order today!