Meal Prep Options for Vegetarians

Conforming to what is expected is not something for which Fresh Taste Meal Prep is known. In a world where meal prep is a chore and the meals that are prepped are tasteless and bland, our meals are a refreshing change of pace; offering flavors that are exotic and classic, meals that are healthy and tasty, and options to ensure that your meal prep meals fit in with your dietary restrictions, there is no downside to choosing Fresh Taste Meal Prep, even if we aren’t conforming to the norm! This guide to our vegetarian meals and the options that can make our standard dishes become vegetarian is yet another reason why everyone is turning to us to make their lives easier and more delicious!

Crudite Box

Whether you are simply starting your meal with this box of delicious vegetables or are planning on making it the focus of your meal, our Crudite Boxes are designed to be filling and beautiful to look at! Doctors will tell you that the more colorful the meal, the healthier it is, and this box is simply bursting with color, offering crunchy baby carrot sticks, crisp celery sticks, juicy cherry tomatoes, and the veggie that makes keto dieters’ life easier, cauliflower! Accompanied by roasted red pepper hummus, this is a favorite by all who sample it.

Roasted Pepper Tomato Basil Soup

Yes, the season of cool weather is gone, but there are still enough rainy days coming up that will make you crave a bowl of soup, and our Roasted Pepper Tomato Basil Soup is easy, flavorful, and a perfect choice when you do! Made from smooth tomato bisque blended together with roasted peppers, this soup is made even better when accompanied by a homemade grilled sandwich when a summer cold is making its way through your household!

Truffle Mushroom Mac (Also Served Keto Style)

Mac and cheese is just about the perfect meal, and our upscale take on the classic standby moves the dish to the next level of wonderful! We start with an alfredo truffle cream sauce that is rich and decadent, add in roasted mushrooms for a hearty touch, and place it all on a bed of elbow macaroni. This dish makes a great stand-alone meal, and if your diet is requiring keto as well as vegetarian, we offer the same meal served on a bed of cauliflower. Both dishes freeze beautifully, so order a few extra and invite some friends over for a pasta or cauliflower feast!

New Mexico Green Chile Burger

No, we didn’t make a mistake, as any of our burgers can be made vegetarian simply by substituting the Beyond Burger for the burger blend! It only costs $2 more, and when combined with the cheddar cheese, roasted green chiles, and smoked paprika aioli and served on a brioche bun, this special burger will make you feel like you stepped out of the Arizona desert and into a New Mexico telenovela—it’s just that spicy! Accompanied by roasted sweet potatoes, there really isn’t anything we don’t love about this Fresh Taste Meal Prep dish.

Creamed Spinach

Growing up, having to eat your spinach was a punishment, but thanks the way we prepare this healthy dish, even your pickiest eaters will be clamoring to have it added to the menu! The recipe is simple, containing only four basic ingredients—spinach, cream, garlic, and shallots—but when you blend them all together and place it on the dinner table, you may find yourself wishing you had ordered more than one meal, especially as it meets the needs of vegetarians, keto dieters, and those who are seeking gluten free!

Green Bean Casserole

Even though we are far from the winter holidays, there is something so wonderful about a green bean casserole we decided to bring it back for the summer! Each serving is designed to be serving for two, but you, our fellow rebel, may choose to eat this creamy and delicious dish as your main entrée! Made with fresh green beans, cream, mushrooms, and a liberal topping of fried, breaded, and crispy onions, you won’t be able to stop feeling a little festive as you scrape the dish clean!

Sweet Potato Casserole

We’re not going to lie: Traditional holiday dishes are our favorite, and we don’t understand why you should only be able to eat them once or twice a year! As such, we are including Sweet Potato Casserole on our everyday menu, much to the delight of vegetarians, carnivores, and every other food eating group. Made as a side dish for two and created with sweet potatoes, butter, and perfectly roasted marshmallows, this casserole will fill all the empty spaces in your heart, in addition to your stomach!

It Doesn’t Take a Rebel

You don’t have to conform to society’s norms to enjoy a vegetarian meal from Fresh Taste Meal Prep; order yours today!


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