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As we move deeper into the summer months, the heat grows stronger and our willingness to spend extra time in the kitchen falters. Not that we complain (much!) because we all realize that the worst day in the Valley is still better than the best days in many other places, and so we adapt. We eat out more, we switch to sandwiches and salads, and we bide our time until the heat lifts and the desert becomes our favorite place to live once more. But what if we told you that you could still eat home-cooked meals without having to do the cooking and that the microwave is the only appliance you will need? It may sound like magic, but there is no magic involved, just the meal prep dishes that we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep prepare every week! All you have to do is get your order in by Thursday and be prepared to eat healthily, heartily, and happily by Sunday—or Monday if you want to pick it up instead of having it delivered. This guide to our latest dishes will give you an idea of the foods you can expect to taste when you give our service a try, but remember, our menu changes weekly, so if something catches your eye, be sure to add it to your order today!

Remember the Sizzle!

We do eat a lot of Mexican food in the Southwest and the one dish that always catches our attention is that platter of sizzling fajitas being taken to the table down the way. Although you may not be able to replicate the sizzle without turning on the oven, we can promise that the flavor and aroma will be just as magical when you put a check next to our Shrimp Fajitas on your order form! Created with seasoned shrimp that is sauteed with fresh sweet onions and peppers and served with our fantastic flour tortillas, this summer dish promises to be one of your favorites.

Summer Grillin’

Grilled meat and summer go hand in hand pretty much everywhere but right here in the desert as we save the grills for the cooler days, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite steaks altogether! Our Grilled Ribeye offers the perfect summer treat, served with potatoes and roasted veggies and topped with a delicious hunter sauce made with demi-glace gravy, shallots, mushrooms, tomato, white wine, and a little parsley for color. This delicious dish is one that everyone is talking about, so be sure to add it to your list for the next week!

Another Summer Fave

There are many non-native Arizonans in the valley, as many of us have moved from colder, wetter climates, and if you are a desert transplant, you may be missing your favorite barbecue dish right about now, but that is about to change! Our BBQ Pork Sandwich, made with slow-roasted pork shoulder that is juicy and tender, is served with another summer fave, grilled sweet corn! Add creamy coleslaw and a soft potato bun and you have the perfect summer dish, especially when you pair the meal with an ice-cold beer.

Not Just for Sailors Named Popeye!

This next dish is a side dish that can be ordered to go along with just about everything on the menu, although we can’t guarantee that the shrimp fajitas or any of our breakfast dishes will work with creamed spinach! Created with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, the recipe is simple and includes garlic, creamed spinach, and shallots. Order it as an extra side for your grilled ribeye, your barbecue pork sandwich, or, if the heat of the day is getting to you, just eat it on its own. There’s no rule as to how you are supposed to eat the dishes we prep for you, and we definitely will not judge!

Talking Turkey

When you really think about it, the common turkey is an amazing dish. Offering an elegant Thanksgiving meal, a perfect substitute for more fatty meats, and a delicious summer treat, there is practically no downside to the meat! Our variation of turkey in the summer is a fantastic Turkey Meatball Primavera featuring three large meatballs made from ground turkey and fresh pesto, parmesan cheese, Italian Squash, and fresh basil. This colorful, healthy, and scrumptious dish is then placed lovingly on a bed of Pappardelle pasta, just waiting to be devoured by you and your hungry family!

Worth Another Look

Dishes such as our Charcuterie Box and Breakfast Tacos have been mentioned before, but there is a reason you see them on the list for more than a few weeks; hungry people demand their return! So even if you have seen them before, go ahead and make your summer days more bearable by ordering them again and again! And remember, get your order in by Thursday to ensure delivery on Sunday or pick-up on Monday; if you wait until Friday to put your order in, you will risk missing out on some of the dishes we have talked about today!


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