Get Safe and Delicious Catering from Fresh Taste Meal Prep for Your Event

As pandemic restrictions begin to lighten and our lives slowly return to a semblance of normalcy, our minds are once again turning towards resuming the events and activities we were unable to participate in just a few months ago. Birthdays and anniversaries are belatedly being celebrated, and holidays are once more starting to look like they once did as we gather with family and friends we haven’t seen in so long. And although we love them dearly, we all have tired of cooking, something we did far too much of during the past few months, and a catering service is definitely on your mind. But your health and safety are a priority, and you have to wonder if a caterer cares about your family’s well-being as much as you do? We at Fresh Taste Meal Prep are here to respond with a loud and clear YES and a reminder that we consider our guests our family, and as such we follow the guidelines listed below!

Your Safety and Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

You truly are our family, and we enjoy making your safety and satisfaction our top priority as we undertake added precautions to ensure both. Even our food truck employees follow the safety guidelines, so if you have been considering hiring one of our food trucks for your special event, don’t stop! Every employee understands the importance of gloves and masks, which they wear at all times during your event or anytime they are working on preparing your dream menu. Although it may seem strange giving your orders to masked employees, when you taste all the delicious food we have prepared for you, all traces of unusual will disappear!

Preparing healthy, satisfying, and mouthwatering meals is our goal, and as our guests are constantly informing us, we continue to succeed, even in times of uncertainty! Our burritos are filling and spicy, our desserts are sweet and wonderful, and our tacos are the stuff dreams are made of! Close your eyes and remember the best taco you have ever tasted. Was it savory and spicy enough to make your tongue tingle? Were the cooked ingredients hot enough and the cold toppings cool enough? Did the shell crunch appropriately (when choosing hard tacos) or did the soft tortilla melt in your mouth? Now that you have considered all of that, open your eyes and take a bite of our Fresh Taste Meal Prep taco and prepare for your taste buds to explode with happiness. These tacos are our masterpieces and knowing that they are going to be an integral part of your special day makes us happy as well!

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You’ve missed out on a lot of fun and special moments over the last few months, but things are changing now! Give us a call and let’s work up a menu that celebrates these new beginnings.


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