Get Free Dessert for Your 2019 Christmas Food Truck Party

The holiday season has come barreling upon you like an out of control freight train, and now it’s almost too late to get everything done in time! In the next few weeks, you need to start your decorating, shop for your family and friends, and throw a Christmas food truck party for your loyal employees that have worked so hard to make your business a success. Planning where to hold it, how to cater it, and what gifts or bonuses you want to offer your people is almost a full-time activity in itself, but if you are starting to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe, and then connect with Fresh Taste Meal Prep to take advantage of our free dessert offer!

Free Dessert? Where Do You Sign Up? – Food Truck Party

Free is a word that isn’t tossed around lightly these days, but we figure there’s no better time to do so than at the holidays! Of course, you will need to purchase a minimum of $600 in food plus tax and tip, but with the number of employees in your employ, that should be easy enough to reach. And when said employees walk into your conference room/holiday winter wonderland and experience the scents, sights, and sounds of this special celebration, they will all realize exactly how much you treasure all their hard work.

The scent of tacos and burritos wafting through the air will only be topped by the taste; our foods are locally sourced whenever possible and prepared with creativity, spice, and a lot of love. Your first bite of the Modern Mayan may not inspire visions of sugar plums, but this is Arizona—we like our food spicy and with a little heat! And what are sugar plums anyway? Turn up the Christmas carols, lower the temperatures for a little holiday ambience, and loosen up your belts; this party is about to get crazy, and when the free dessert is released, the evening will be complete!

We Can’t Help With the Bonuses

But our free dessert offers you a bit of a bonus at the time of year where every little bit helps! Give us a call or fill out the information on our catering page today; Christmas isn’t that far away, and you don’t want to miss out on this terrific deal! Contact us!


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